Dream Big, Aim Higher…start By Listing Goals Now

by SabrinaWA - Date: 2010-09-16 - Word Count: 309 Share This!

Life is just like a piece of coin, every coin represents every experience, all the knowledge and each idea that you acquire that fills hundreds of your life attainment.

Sometimes, a coin is left unused, thus making its essence disgruntled. It's like having worth without use, experiences that comes without learning, having the guts but not the prospect and most probably wasting seconds of life's time because of not living it to the fullest.

Sometimes, people don't notice that success is present in each and every corner of our life. In every moment we spend thinking of nothing and spending time just doing nothing.

Sometimes, life matters when you hold onto something. Holding on things that worth living, not only through material things but achievements. Enjoying each seconds of life's clock in experiencing life's gratitude. Resisting and acquiring positivity and expend efficiency.

Sometimes, reaching life to the fullest is just a matter of realizing what's need to be done and what you want to accomplish. Categorizing and selecting important things. Building focus in acquiring essential things instead of just deliberately waits something to appear. It's not merely just envisioning yourself but doing apposite performance for attracting opportunities.

Sometimes, the only difference is to take courage and be selflessly committed. When you're committed to something, good results follow. And while these good things are within your hands, you take these things as enough courage to acquire other things that gives you sense of satisfaction

God has given us life once not twice neither thrice unlike cats that has seven lives. Life is just once; you should spend each and every second by grasping all things that your hand can hold. Setting patterns of life by constructing and having own goals. Without goals, you are like a ship that has set sail with no destination. Goals makes you aim higher, do better and expend life to greatest.

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