How To Develop A Winning Mindset

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1. Give yourself permission
I know it sounds simple but one way to begin winning on a consistent basis is to give yourself "permission" to win. We live in a society which says, "it's ok to win, as long as you don't win too big...then we'll criticize you."

From the time we were kids, we were taught that winning was a form of showing off or. For example; remember when you were in school? It was considered unpopular to make straight A's. You were being trained at a young age that winning big was a form of outclassing others, therefore, we develop a subconscious "fear of success" over our lifetime. You were created to win, so give yourself permission to win and begin to win big!

2. Own it!

One of the first things they do when training a run way model to walk is to tell them to "own it!" One of the reasons you may not win as consistently as you might like is simply because you haven't taken "full ownership" of your winning gifts, talents, or skills. It's not enough to possess these winning skills, you must "OWN IT!" Owning it means that you believe in what you are doing SO much, that you don't make excuses for it. Owning it means that you believe in what you are doing so much that no one can talk you out of it. When I began to "own it" in my business, my sales began to increase almost immediately.

3. Constant Development
Remember this my winning friend. You MUST constantly develop yourself, everyday. If you want to win BIG in life, sales, or business. Each and every day, you need to be listening to motivational tapes and books, you need to be attending personal development seminars or reading your bible. You need to be constantly developing and growing.

Are you in the same place, mentally, physically, emotionally, and financially that you were last year? If you apply this simply principle of constant development, by this time next year, you will be the winner you've always wanted to be.

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