If You're In Fear Of Something - Put Your Coat On!

by Steve Beckles-ebusua - Date: 2007-02-27 - Word Count: 330 Share This!

I remember when I was younger some of my 'supposed' friends used to tease me about being scared of spiders. They would sing "Scaredy cat! Scaredy cat! You're just a little smelly rat." Now this email is not about my hygiene issues when I was 6 years old, but for the record I was not a smelly rat!!!

But when I think back to my 'persecuted child hood'(Not really!!!) I realised that a large majority of us have a fear of something. It could be a fear of heights, creepy crawlers or public speaking. Or it could a psychological fear, maybe a fear of failure, rejection - even a fear of success.

You can cancel out fear with faith

Faith is like persistence, without persistence you'll never have faith. So with your faith you can defeat fear.

Your coat of faith

I thought about the coat of faith idea today, whilst getting my son's ready to go out. My youngest son was walking towards my car; I noticed he was walking slowly and hesitantly as the February wind was 'cutting into him'. He then ran back inside the house and came running out with his coat on. He was laughing and joking with his brother as they waited for me. The coat had banished any fear of the harsh elements around him.

Your coat of faith will keep faith in and fear out!!!

Are you worried about your up and coming presentation? As you step forward to start your presentation, think about putting on your 'coat of faith' and feel its inner warmth. If you believe in it you'll have the confidence to deliver your presentation.

Worried about asking your boss for that deserved pay rise? Put that 'coat of faith' on before you step in their office, and feel that security of your coat as you ask for that rise.

The people that succeed in conquering fear have put their focus on what's more important to them rather than on that fear.

Is your coat ready for that 'rainy' day?

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My name is Steve Beckles-Ebusua and I'm a motivational speaker and writer.

I hope you enjoy:-)

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