Apostle Series - Coming Clean About GDI, MLMs, and Network Marketing - Winners & Losers

by Russ Miles - Date: 2007-04-25 - Word Count: 1226 Share This!

This Apostle Series Article was born out of a need to set some matters straight...

As many zine article authors feel, readers, friends, groups, Good Buddy's, and family members have come to look to us for "Straight Talk" and "Sound Advice" in matters concerning Health, Healing, Prosperity, and Biblical Interpretation as it relates to such, I hope you can understand that we do not "Bat A Thousand %."

Only Jesus did! The rest of us, including all of His Apostles and disciples throughout the ages, continue to learn by our mistakes. So long as we do not attempt to conceal our errors, I feel that we can, and should, continue our "Quest For The Truth!" (CEV) John 8:31 Jesus told the people who had faith in him, "If you keep on obeying what I have said, you truly are my disciples.:32 You will know the truth, and the truth will set you free."

Jesus knew that His disciples, for all ages, would be taken and held hostage by lies and incorrect information that we had come rely upon. The promised provision with which to overcome God's and His mankind's "Ignorance Enemy" had already been provided for in Proverbs. Those same Biblical promises and provisions, from both "The Old" and "The New" Testaments, yet apply to us today in every area of our lives. This includes Health and Prosperity! "Thank God!"

(CEV) Proverbs 28:13 If you don't confess your sins, you will be a failure. But God will be merciful if you confess your sins and give them up.

As do many of you, I belong to to numerous groups. Some, like MySpace, require those others whom are affiliated and/or participate in group matters to request your permission to become your "Friend."

Normally, members have posted a "Profile" about themselves and their interests. Often, their primary "Motivation" or reason, is to sell or market their beliefs, agendas, products, or services to you whom they are inviting to be their "Friend." This is, in fact, expected. Through this very vehicle, I have both bought and sold MLM products and services ~ including GDI. To do so is no sin!

Not infrequently, some person whom wishes to become your "Friend," have the same product or service to offer that you have, especially if we are involved with Network Marketing or what is communally called MLM (Multi Level Marketing) as a vehicle to gain "Prosperity" and/or their "Financial Independence."

This ezine article, that reflects my view that we should help, if possible, other affiliates whom initiate such contacts if we can, stems from my reply to an associate that offers a website domain product that I also offer for sale:

Yes, we GDI affiliates share a Great product :))

I have been selling .ws website domains for over two years and have honestly earned very little money :((

Most of those people that I've signed up have earned even less and have fallen away :(

My most recent attempt to stimulate some Global Domains International sales is to remake my .ws website, my "Wee Little Website", so that prospects can see what they get for their $10.00 per month... LOL

As it pays for itself, I will keep it! God knows that, for all of the time and effort that I have expended in the promotion of GDI, it was a "Bad Investment" for me.

I Am useing my "Wee Little Website" ~ Jesus4You.ws ~ for perticular products and services, and especially my Earth Angels and Jesus agendas. This site is called (without the http//-stuff that would make it a live link):


At one time, I owned & paid each month for 84 "Name" domains ($840.00 per month) which I forwarded to my major website which was then MilesBooks.com. . This dot com was purchased to market my Mystery/Thriller novel: FOR SALE BY OWNERS:FSBO by Russ Miles, prior to my buying the GDI dot ws URL and it was HUGE!!!

Although MilesBooks dot com was highly Google ranked, it is now "Off The Air" as I didn't renew it :(

Unfortunately, my basic GDI site can not be anywhere's near as large or as good. But, it will do, for now... The Holy Spirit told me, before I moved from Vancouver, WA, to AZ, that I would soon have 1,000,000 + people on my "1st Team Alert" Good Buddy's List! LOL

For my MySpace F.riends Info, I used to own most of the names associated with my the faces of my "TOP 15 Friends" :))

After 4 months ~ I cut my losses and kept a few Global Domains International .ws websites :)) I had even published another ezine article entitled: Rascal's Spiritual Life Series - Three Reasons Why Rascal Buys Website Domain Properties about it. Here is a link to that article, if you would like to read it:


LOL Not even this article sold very many website domains and did stir up some animosity from a few name people that felt I might be impugning their Good Names. Of course, I released those names back to GDI, immediately!

I do not tell you this to discourage you or anyone else! Rather ~ to simply say ~ while I think that GDI IS a good product, I believe that I got into it TOO LATE to really profit.

I truly hope that you have done better in your domain sales businesses than I have, to date.

I Believe that MLMs are, and Network Marketing is God's, vehicles to prosper HIS "Elect" and HIS "Chosen" ~ in these "End Times Days" :)) Not only for Christians, which many of us are, but for others of many faiths that belong to HIM, ALMIGHTY GOD ~ THE CREATOR :))) :)

At this, "My * Charmed * Life's New Juncture", I have moved to AZ and "I Am Watching God Open Up New Doors." LOL :))

If you visit my new ~ "Wee Little website":

HTTP://Jesus4You.ws ~

you will find a New AWESOME Nutritional Product that THE LORD has delivered to me to assist in my full recovery from the devastating effects of long term MS (Multiple Sclerosis), to help others "Enjoy Better Health" and/or "Stay Healthy," and to "Prosper" HIS Children.

It is a URI International Product called "The Feast". God healed me "Miraculously" And "Completely" of "Total Incontinence" (20 to 30 disposable briefs a day) but HE IS using more conventional methods to finish the total Earth bodily healing job!

Both jobs, actually!! Both "Health" and "Prosperity" which My Jesus paid for together with My "Salvation" during HIS mission on behalf of "Our Father" on This, HIS Earth! I Praise GOD, "The Father," GOD, HIS "Son, Jesus," and GOD, "The Holy Spirit" for their continued guidance!!!

If you check my website, you will also find a link to "Pain Patches Products" that have proved helped me, "Health Wise" and "Financially", "BOTH"!!

Other MLMs, which I have invested in via there successful, helpful, diligent, affiliates will not be there because "They Never Earned Me ANY Money and Did Cost Me Bunches to stay in for the times that I have.

Perhaps, if I had worked harder and followed their "Systems", I would have been successful with some? But, I didn't. Rather, I was always "Short on one leg" so I never got a paycheck. I Am not lazy but I have had other "Priorities"!!! LOL

I still love my former Network Marketing Up Lines. No Hard Feelings!

When I Am Fully "Healthy" and Filthy "Wealthy", I Am Likely To Write & Sing A Karaoke Song :))

As "Ol' Blue Eyes" would likely not have sang, " I Did It God's Way For Me..."

Your Friend :)

Rascal Russ :))

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Rascal Russ Miles IS author of the novel, For Sale By Owners:FSBO. A "Seasoned Real Estate NAR(r) Broker," Rascal Russ was ~ for 5 hard years ~ increasingly disabled by "Incurable" Multiple Sclerosis. Now "Cured" of his most problemical symptim, "Total Incontinence" (using 20-30 disposable diapers each day), Rascal writes books & articles on varied subjects.

RTascal also offers nuetritional products and wealth building MLMs to his website visitors.

Via his personal Rascal's website, http://Jesus4You.ws, "Rascal's Blog", & his ezine articles themselves, Rascal maintains personal contact with those that e-mail him, and those whom he believes the God of this Universe has joined together with him as per Destiny's Divine Plan of Salvation for this Planet Earth!

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