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I really want to bring home the importance of learning the best MLM skills in this article.

Too many new marketers, both online and offline think that they can make it in network marketing with no skills to speak of and most just done want to put in the effort - they just want the money.

You and I know that this is astronomically ridiculous thinking. You truly can't get something for nothing and if you're looking for the best MLM leads you're going to have to become one of the best leaders you can be.

Leadership isn't always defined by how much money you are already making, how many people you already have in your downline, and how many leads your generating today. Everyone has to start at the beginning. All of the greats has their period of education whether they paid for it or found it for free. Anyone who is a leader had to become a leader. It's the same with you. Keep it simple. This is network marketing. Learn what to do, do it, and teach it. It works. People will trust you and love you for helping them.

Most of the time when I say this I get a deer-in-the-headlights reaction, but one thing I know is that everyone has something special to bring to the table. Even a story about a childhood adventure could trigger something. Give it some thought. What do you already bring to the table? I promise it's something.

It's not enough to tell you to go and get some leadership skills. So I'm going to get more specific… as specific as I can in this short article, because I want you to get going and learn these important traits and then start generating your own best leads you can bring to you.

Here are Some Skills to Start With Today:

Before you do anything else go align yourself with someone with power. Make that 5 or 6 or more people of power. You can look anywhere. It depends on what kind of power you want in your circle. If it's Oprah, or Bon Jovi, great! Do what it takes to connect with someone who knows someone, etc. This is an example - you don't have to go after people that are this hard to reach. I recommend starting in your upline. Go all the way up the line until you get to the founding distributor and if you can't find anyone to be on your side then it's time to search elsewhere. You need powerful, successful, skilled upline whom will allow you to tail gate them all the way to the top.

It didn't come easily to me either. I actually had to change companies in order to achieve the goal of the great mastermind. When I talked to several of my new upline and they asked me to teach them what I know I knew I was in a good place. Good people are good people even when they have money and fame. If they have an interest in you they'll do what they can for you... if they're not selfish. I'm not talking about whining sessions. Don't waste their time. Get them to commit to do webinars with you. Put them to work.

Make sure you use them properly to the benefit of both parties and everyone who hears the two of you together.

The Next Best MLM Skill:

Learn how to generate a fruitful relationship with strangers. That doesn't mean you meet a guy at a gas station an immediately invite him to a meeting. No. That's not building a relationship. That's pouncing. Neither of you really like it, and quite frankly it sends most people racing for the hills.

They way to develop a fruitful relationship is to offer people something of value. If you create some training on video you'll be several steps ahead of most marketers. It just has to be from you, thus positioning you as the expert - and if you can create training on something then you are an expert at it. Make sure you know your stuff, and if you don't then get a mentor and become a master. It doesn't have to take very long.

When you're looking to bring the best mlm leads to you on the internet or otherwise it's important to realize that if you are giving something away - particularly marketing knowledge - then people will want to get your help.

Now that you know where to start as far as surrounding yourself with the right people remember that you cannot do it with just that. The mastermind is a pivot and the rest of the steps revolve around it, but if you don't have your sales funnel set up completely correctly then you can say goodbye to meeting your goals they way I'm hinting at here. Set up your system. Learn how to do it the right way first.

Now, if you can ponder these three important skills, ask plenty of questions about them and get the clarification that you need, that's when all of the rest of the skills that you will have to achieve will simply fall into place as you become exposed to more information at the appropriate time.

I'll see you at the top!

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