What Is The Purpose Of Life (buddhism)

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The human being is the highest fruit on the tree of evolution. It is for the individual to realize his position in existence and understand the true meaning of his life.

To arrive at the purpose of life, a person first needs to observe life through his own experience and insight. This is the only way for the individual to discover life's true meaning for himself. Guidelines will be given in support, but a person must create the necessary conditions for the arising of realization himself. There are several prerequisites to the discovery of the purpose of life.

First, the person must understand the nature of human life.

Human beings may be clever enough to land on the moon and discover wondrous things in the universe, but they have yet to delve into the inner workings of their own minds. They have yet to learn how their minds can be developed to the fullest potential so that its true nature can be realized. As of yet, human beings are still wrapped in ignorance. They do not know who they really are or what is expected of them. As a result, they misinterpret things and act according to their imagination. Entire civilization is built on the misinterpretation.

People must make an effort to overcome ignorance to arrive at realization and enlightenment. Human beings can be enlightened-become a Buddha-if they wake up from the dream that is created by their own unknowing, and become fully awakened.

We must realize, what we are today, is the result of an infinite number of repetitions of thoughts and actions.

We are not ready-made. We are continually in the process of becoming, always changing.

It is in this characteristic of change that our future lies. It is possible for us to mold our character and destiny through the control of our actions, speech and thoughts. Indeed, we BECOME the thoughts and actions we choose to perform.

We are the highest fruit on the tree of evolution. It is for us to realize our position in existence and to understand the true meaning of life; achieving the end of suffering or unsatisfactoriness.

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