Black Magic Spells

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Black magic is the principle idea of practicing of magic which represents on assumed spiteful powers. As name specifies black which means a person is going to do some bad things, just like black magic is that kind of magic which is raised when a person wants to injure, kill, steal or wants to destroy some one or want to cause some misfortune, or for personnel gain without regard to harmful consequences to others. Black magic is generally used by those which do not endorse for its use or normally in a ritualistic setting, a magic does not have any color it just a purpose which is use by its follower or user. The black magic is use by the person for its personnel gain, benefit, or for some generous uses and these kind of magic is also used for killing pests or diseases.

Those peoples who use this magic in this way has a dispute that the effect itself is malicious by performing killing to insects, but as an indirect result of black magic, good result can be seen for instance forming of less insects, pests around. The school of magic thought that there is no difference between malevolent and benevolent magic as there is no universal morality against which magic can be measured or not. In imaginary tales, novels or fiction, that black magic is quite openly be synonym with devil or evil for example; Shakespeare's- Macbeth, J.K. Rowling's- Harry Potter series and many more. There is a difference that white magic and black magic can be differentiate are as; dark doctrine theory states that the black magic is the power of darkness which can be seen from left hand path point of view, it can be or can not be contrast with the white magic, its all depend upon the user; the all as one theory states that the all forms of magic are bad, evil, only can be define by the use that it is black magic or white magic.

The formal difference theory states that the components and the forms of black magic are just not the same due to the flexible, different interest or aim of those casting harmful spell than of white magic, the harmful spell cast tends to some destruction or seems hazardous or harmful to the humans such as prickly, sharp, pointed, caustic, hot element which is combined with very personnel objects from the spell targets. Within common mainstream religion, such as Christianity and modern pagan to an extent, there are certain taboos which are in surrounding forms of magic. Although culture may place certain forms of magic in one side or another of this spectrum, there are in fact some cultural universals about free will, true name spells - the theory that knowing a person's true name allows control over that person, making this wrong for the same reason. This can also be used as a connection to the other person, or to free them from another's compulsion, so it is in the grey area.

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