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by TOM BROWN - Date: 2010-08-19 - Word Count: 535 Share This!

In the past peoples views about hypnosis tended to involve a clock being swung in front of somebody's face and the hypnotist being able to fully control the person being hypnotized. But those days are thankfully long gone and it has become a lot more mainstream and acceptable for people, In fact learning how to hypnotise someone these days is very accessible and pretty much anybody can do it.

Contrary to popular belief people who are hypnotised are not in a state of deep sleep, in fact they are in a sort of trance like condition with an enhanced state of awareness That is why they are able to hear the hypnotists voice clearly and subconsciously act on the suggestions. This works by the left hand side of the brain being ‘turned off' and the right hand side being much more alert. What this means is that the conscious mind is inhibited and the subconscious is alert and ready to receive and act on the hypnotists voice.

So you can see how powerful hypnosis can be in treating a very wide variety of different psychological, emotional and physical problems and it requires minimum effort from the person in need of this help. Some women have even used it as a pain relief while in labour to lessen the need for pain killers, so that just shows how well it can work.

Imagine if you had the ability to cure problems by learning how to hypnotise someone! It is such a fantastic feeling and the look on their faces when they realize that you have completely cured them is absolutely amazing, I can't even imagine not being able to hypnotize now.

Once you learn how to hypnotise someone it is just the beginning because the more that you practice this new skill the better at it you will become and before long it will be just like second nature for you to hypnotize anyone. At first people may be a little sceptical when you tell them that you are learning hypnotism and they mite think your a little bit mad or crazy (a lot of my friends and family did) but the best part of it all is when you show them that you are actually taking it seriously and when they see how good you are they will be absolutely astounded.

So if I had to give you some advice if you are thinking of becoming a hypnotist it would be to stick at it, take it seriously and before you know it you will be having fun with it and absolutely amazing your family and friends with this fantastic new skill.

Hi my name is Tom and a couple of years ago I ended up learning how to hypnotise in order to cure my wife of her terrible sleep walking problem. Since then I am now a fully qualified hypnotist and I make my living from hypnotizing people. If you are interested about hearing my full story or if you are thinking about leaning hypnosis for yourself then you should take a look at my site where you can get a free 10 part hypnosis video course. Hope to see you there!

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