Spiritual Enlightenment: Alchemical Secret To Going Beyond Humanity To Become An Immortal Exposed

by Ikey Benney - Date: 2007-03-15 - Word Count: 2067 Share This!


This article reveals the “SECRET WISDOM” in the teachings of all world SPIRITUAL teachers: Thoth, the ancient Egyptian God Of Wisdom, Socrates, Paracelsus, Pythagoras, Buddha, Lao Tzu,  Nagarjuna, Bodhidarma, Jesus Christ , Mohammad, Osho Rajneesh  (and others). 


Only the TRUTH, and nothing but the TRUTH shall set you free


For thousands of years, all the world's greatest spiritual teachers: Thoth (Hermes Trismegistus), the ancient Egyptian God of Wisdom, (an anunnaki), Krishna,  Buddha, Mahavira, Lao Tzu, Bodhidarma, Socrates, Pythagoras, Plato, Jesus Christ, Muhammad, Osho Rajneesh (and others) have been preaching the same thing to humanity.


We can summarize all of their teachings in just 2 words "Know Yourself".


What do they mean by that?


Why is "Knowing Yourself" the Foundation of WISDOM?


How do you know yourself?


Who are You? And who is this "Yourself"?


You're are "God" or "Consciousness" or "Infinity".


But at the moment, you don't know it, because you're living in a body with unawareness and allowing your mind to run your life.


So for now, you've not realized you're god (that is become "Enlightened") because you’re controlled by your mind.


So "You" = Mind


"Yourself" means the unknown parts or dimensions of your being; that is both the inner and outer dimensions of your being.


There are two kinds of knowing.


The first is: knowing from the outside; objective studying from outside. This is science.


The second kind of knowing is from the inside.


This is "TMT Power Secrets"! (= Transcendental Mental Technology System)


TMT is the science which enables a person to master both the knowing from outside and the knowing from the inside to become aware of all the dimensions of his/her being, and so become 100% conscious, enlightened and an immortal.


The inside (psyche) is the foundation of outside (the physical body and the material world).


Compiling facts about things (research) and memorizing them is not "knowing from inside".


It is just accumulation of facts about things outside you (= knowing from outside = knowledge).


So "knowledge" is not the same as "knowing".


Knowledge (what you do at school) is just the accumulation of facts about things outside you.


"Knowing", means to have an experience of the facts subjectively too.


It is easy to know things from outside objectively.


That is why many people remain on the outside.


The world is filled with hundreds of millions of knowledgeable people, intellectuals, experts, scholars and scientists, but all of them are just knowledgeable. They are not "knowers", (= don’t have "wisdom", i.e. inner knowing)


To know things from inside, subjectively is not easy, and requires courage.


For example it is easy to study fire and write tomes of scholarly treatises about the philosophy of fire: how to create fire; different types and colors of fire; how to use fire; and how to put fire out and so on. (This is knowing fire from the outside)


But it is not easy for one to put his/her finger in a  fire to be burned so as to have a direct experience of what is fire! (This is knowing fire from the inside, through a direct experience)


That is why there are very few "knowers" in the world, "men and women of wisdom"!


Many people are intelligent, scholarly and knowledgeable BUT very few are "knowers"!


You can't understand how the outside works and what makes it so, until you know it from the inside.


That is why if you keep studying things from the outside material world, you'll keep getting more and more puzzles.

Never a conclusive answer!


You'll never reach any answers. This is the problem which Science has today.


It is always seeking for answers but always ending up in riddles, enigmas and mysteries, with no answers.


Every answer it gets sooner or later becomes a question and a problem to solve. When it discovers one solution, it automatically gives birth to 10,000 more problems!


The solution is not on the outside. The solution is in the "inside".


Scientists must begin inner investigations of reality, so that they will begin to understand the outside reality.


They must first get to know "The Knower", (themselves) and then it will become possible for them to find answers through science.


If you don't know "yourself", how can you know others?


How can you know the outside world? "Who" will be doing the knowing?


You’ve to know "the knower" (= You ) first.


This is the beginning of "Wisdom", or what we’ve called "TMT Power Secrets".


After you've known yourself, ("who" you really are), then it becomes possible to know everything else!




The "kingdom of God" is a symbol for INFINITY or CONSCIOUSNESS.


Symbolism is a common tool used to express  "Wisdom", (meaning: using material objects to represent inner abstract personal subjective experiences)


But a calamity has happened for thousands of years because billions of human beings don’t know the meaning of these symbols and codes and have taken them literally.


For example, when they read in their scriptures about "going to heaven" (= "kingdom of God"), they take it literally, by thinking that “heaven” is in the sky and that after they die, they will go there if they performed good deeds in their lives.


They don’t know that "heaven" is a symbol representing the human brain.


And "going to heaven" is a symbolic way of "opening the right hemisphere of the brain" so that your consciousness will expand! (alchemy, hermetic science and Gnosticism taught by Thoth, the ancient Egyptian God of Wisdom)


In the average human being, only a tiny percentage of the left hemisphere of the brain (rational mind) is functioning and conscious. The right hemisphere is unconscious and you’re unaware of it.


When you go to sleep, sometimes, you dive into this right hemisphere part of brain. Its where all the dreams occur.


The secret science on how to awaken this right hemisphere of the brain and unite it with the left hemisphere of the brain, so that you’ll become 100% conscious, enlightened and beyond human (= an immortal) is the hidden teaching of all the world spiritual teachers and it is the TRUE spirituality and what "TMT Power Secrets" is all about.


Jesus Christ also made it clear in the Bible that he taught this SECRET teaching and WISDOM using symbols, and in parables to conceal this secret hidden teaching from the public, the profane; those who are not yet ready to go beyond their humanity.


So, why have all the priests and the churches and billions of human beings been interpreting the teachings of Jesus literally?


Why have the church, mosques, temples, priests, rabbis and Imams brainwashed the people to believe that the "Kingdom of God" or heaven is in the sky and that they will go there after they die as long as they keep going to the churches, temples and mosques and donating their hard earned money and assets?


Why have they been deceiving their congregations to give up their wealth, possession and happiness on Earth and let the priests and church possess them, so that after they die, they will go to heaven, and live in the Kingdom of God for eternity where they will be rewarded with drinking milk and honey and the men will have  harems of beautiful 18 yr old virgin girls?


Is this not a scam? Is this not an outright deception? Is this not a damnable Fraud?


Even the false fundamentalist Islamic priests are now brainwashing their youths to commit suicidal bombing in the name of their God, Allah and become martyrs with the promise that after they die, they will go to heaven where Allah will reward them with 3 wives, milk and honey.


Even in the same Bible Jesus warned against these false priests (wolves in sheep’s clothing) and the church. He called them "brood of vipers" and "White sepulcher"!


He admonished people Not to listen to them and never to believe that the "Kingdom of God" is in the sky.


He said, "If the Kingdom is in the sky, then it is futile for man, because the birds of the sky will reach there first!"


Why is this Not clear enough to a billion Christians?


One must wonder if the 1 billion humans or so who believe they are Christians ever read their Bible at all?


Why is it that people don’t listen to the true teachings of Enlightened beings, but prefer to wallow in ignorance and mumbo jumbo teachings and false interpretations of false priests which are designed to exploit, manipulate and enslave them?


Why do people chose to keep going to the churches every Sunday, and also the synagogues, temples and mosques where the priests and organized religions keep brainwashing and hypnotizing them by filling their skulls with sophism, mumbo jumbo garbage and irrationalities of different stripes which they call religion.


And who is "the knower"?


The "knower" is you.


You’re made up of Consciousness, which is what we called "INFINITY".


You have a mind (and EGO is the center), and a body, which are your tools for accessing different forms of reality.


The mind and the body have many levels and many dimensions.


So, you the "CONSCIOUSNESS", "INFINITY", has a mind and a body which have many levels and dimensions.


The average human being is only aware of two dimensions.


The human dimension (physical world) and the dream dimension (spiritual world).


You’re not aware that the "Living Mankind", "Living Earth", "The Living Sun", "The Living Universe" and "The Living Cosmos" are also your bodies!!! (Your larger bodies)


And their minds are also your higher minds: The Super-conscious minds.


Why are you not aware of this? Because your Consciousness is limited by your human mind!


Your human thoughts, mind and body are blocking your awareness of these other higher parts and dimensions of you.


To become aware of the higher dimensions of your being, (your higher self, other parts, beyond your humanity) you must go beyond your human mind and body.


This is what all the greatest spiritual teachers of the world: Socrates, Paracelsus, Pythagoras, Buddha, Nagarjuna, Bodhidarma, Lao Tzu, Jesus, Muhammad, Osho Rajneesh symbolically referred to as "Kingdom of God", "Nirvana", "Paradise", "The Way", "The Lotus Paradise" and others.


The science and technology of going beyond your human body and mind is what is called "Enlightenment."


When you go beyond your human body and mind, you'll go beyond space and time, beyond past and future, and you'll become INFINITY, an IMMORTAL.


When you do that, you go beyond cause and effect, the cycle of birth and death, karma, yin and yang of nature.


You become "twice born again", and the "Son or daughter of God".


God is a symbol that represents Consciousness or INFINITY.


This word, "God" has become over used, polluted and corrupted, misused and misunderstood, so we'll must stop using it and begin to use a new and more scientific term, "INFINITY".


So when you're "twice born again", you become the son or daughter of God, INFINITY, an Immortal.


This is what "TMT: Transcendental Mental Technology" is about.


May these insights into God, world religions, true spirituality, occultism,  hidden wisdom, the SECRET teachings of Thoth the ancient Egyptian God of Wisdom, and Enlightened beings-Socrates, Pythagoras, Paracelsus, Buddha, Mahavira, Nagarjuna, Bodhidarma, Lao Tzu, Kabir, Jesus Christ, Mohammed and Osho Rajneesh inspire and awaken you to embark on the journey to "Enlightenment", your only true goal on earth.


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By Ikey Benney



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