If You Can Read This, Thank A Teacher

by Leela Abraham - Date: 2007-01-20 - Word Count: 408 Share This!

Recently the TV news bulletin announced that hundreds of teachers are getting burned out and moving into other professions and so there is an acute shortage of teachers in schools all round the nation. Why do you think this is happening? Teaching is supposed to be a very noble profession where adults mold the lives of children and prepare them for the future. Parents are the first teachers as learning begins at birth and is completed only at the time of death. Teachers come in all shapes, sizes, age groups, mental abilities and in all cultural groups. The values of a society, its morals, traditions and traits are usually learned from parents at home through incidental learning. At school the students learn more academics and move on to vocational independence.

In the school system there are qualified teachers who follow the instructions of the education department under the supervision of the administration. Teachers do not have the freedom to change the curriculum or the instructional materials. The creative and innovative teachers have almost vanished. The students and teachers get limited time for informal communication. There are some teachers who are dedicated to their students and spend a lot of time and energy to make sure that all the concepts are learned not just complete a lesson plan. Teachers with a commitment take on their responsibilities knowing that they are accountable to God. They have great expectations from students and motivate them to do their best according to their potential. There will be good relations with peers and parents.

The Bible tells us that the Holy Spirit is our Teacher, who will teach us God's word and reveal its truths to us. He never slumber or sleep, He knows our need and is ever ready to help. It is our responsibility to sit at His feet and learn like Mary of Bethany. The more we ask the more we receive. The wisdom Jesus gives will produce holiness in us, manifested by the fruits of the Spirit. We will become good fishers of men and receive crowns to place at His feet. Actions speak louder than words, so even though the word of God cannot be read or taught in many schools, Christian teachers can reflect the beauty of Jesus in their actions and manner of life, which the students will observe and be attracted to the Master. Can we take time to learn from Him and share it with others around?

The author has used limited details from the Bible. Love is a word that has multiple meanings and implications. The writer tries to express the need to love one another.

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Experienced Educator, Interested in writing devotionals to encourage teenagers and women. A sinner saved by faith, desires to share God's love.

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