India Post Ayodhya Issue Verdict -a Metaphor In Astrological Terms

by Jyotishacharya Vinay Sheel Saxena - Date: 2010-09-26 - Word Count: 528 Share This!

As the day for the pronouncement of the judgment is drawing near so is the pulse of India on an increase. People from all walks of life have been forced to speculate about the judgment and most of them fear of the aftermath.

The case:

We all must know that there are simultaneously three issues clubbed in one and the court will be addressing to all three which are:

The first one is to prove whether there was any temple at the disputed site prior to 1538; the second whether the petition filed by Babri Committee is barred by limitation and the third whether Muslims perfected their title through adverse possession.

It is very simple for common man to understand that whether there will be a Temple or a Mosque or none at the disputed site.

To place anything on the deputed site the Hon'ble Judges have to do a head spinning job which can be from the point of proving the validity of Lord Ram and accepting Him as a human being, or going by the archaeological records which can prove the authenticity of a temple prior to the building of Babri Mosque, if at all the case is to go the Hindu community way.

The Verdict:

Astrologically India is running a Maha Dasha of Sun ( Lord of Forth -ill placed in third) and a Antar Dasha of Mars( Lord of Seventh and Twelfth-a potent Markesh and a Vyayesh) placed in second( a Marak House). The verdict was reserved in the month of July when a Antar of Chandrama was in force, a respite.

By studying the planetary position of India's chart and the Dashas it is running, and the Vishesh Yogas formed, the following is forecast.

The verdict which saw 60 long years to surface shall be in favor of Hindus of India but the direction of a clear cut construction of the temple shall not be there. The court shall leave a hanged verdict keeping it open to be challenged in the Supreme Court.

India after the Verdict:

The violent India is on the cards after the verdict and although the verdict shall not be condemned openly but influential /intellectuals will make a hue and cry of it. The situation in many states will be tensed and the Government should be ready to take the burn. Arsons, fights inflicting wound and possible deaths can be noticed.

Astrologically the Dasha of Sun- Mars- ending mercury and rising ketu give all the above indications.


The timely intervention of Government to diffuse the situation is the order of the day and not indulging thyself into throwing blames to different parties can be much effective in cooling the nerves of different sections of the society. Other parties also require refraining from openly criticizing things and igniting the people over it.

The people who think even a bit for India should offer JAL to SURYA every
morning asking Him for peace.

Morale to be learnt:

In difficult time like this when stars and planetary position are not in favor of the nation, the people should behave in a manner the constitution refers to do so. Let us unite and strengthen our nation before indulging ourselves in petty issues which even the God does not approve for.

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