Benefits of Meditating With Crystal Quartz

by Tracey Wilson - Date: 2007-01-26 - Word Count: 540 Share This!

Crystals are the blossoms of the mineralogical portion of the earth; the recognition of the beauty and loving energies of these forms can greatly enhance one's personal development. They are the myriad fireworks of both creativity and individual universal energies.

Crystals have been used and/or revered since the dawning of civilization. The Christian Bible refers to crystals over 200 times. Recall, the spiritually crystalline city whose walls were made of crystals, whose gates were of pearl, whose streets were of gold dust, whose crystalline light falls upon the crystal sea and crystal river, and where souls that are clear as crystal are jewels forever in the crown of the redeemer.

Many of the early civilizations of the Earth (Mayan, Aztec, American Indian, African Native, Celtic) often used quartz crystals in ceremonies and struck the crystals in ceremonies and struck the crystals in order to produce a flash of visible light.

Quartz is said to bring the energy of the stars into the soul. Traditionally, the natural quartz crystal was said to both harmonize and align human energies - thoughts, consciousness, and emotions with the energies of the universe and to make these greater energies available to humanity. The natural tendency of quartz is for harmony, and it is recognized as a "stone of power."

Meditating with crystal quartz can be very beneficial in many areas. Below just touches on some of these benefits.

All psychic abilities can be stimulated and amplified by the use of this mineral. It further assists one in retaining calmness and clarity in all situations, decreasing the amount of negative affectation, which could inhibit emotional stability. It provides for enhanced energy and promotes perseverance and patience, as well as for restful sleep.

Quartz crystals can be used to clear and to activate the energy centers of the body. It attunes well to the heart chakra. Placing the crystal at the area of the third eye, during meditation, seems to enable one to focus more clearly with the mind such that the mind can become empty; this may be attributed to the feeling of "oneness" conveyed during the meditation. It further promotes the reflection and magnification of images and thoughts, so that one may evaluate the inner reaches of the self.

Placement of the crystal upon the heart chakra, can help to clear emotional disturbances from one's being; it also further enhances the states of self-acceptance and self-love.

The quartz crystal provides for purification of the physical, mental, and spiritual bodies. It is also a healer of negativity associated with ones perspective and judgment; it can also direct ones materialistic energies toward the spirit realm. It can further enhance ones positive thoughts and feelings toward the light, love, and harmony of the planet. Teaching one to live, laugh and love with all brothers and sisters.

If worn close to the neck, it can stimulate the thyroid and parathyroid glands, being also helpful for respiratory problems such as congestion and sore throat. If worn over the heart, it can stimulate the thymus and can increase the efficiency of both the immune system and ones defenses against dis-ease. Whether the crystal is worn, carried or placed in one's environment, the force, the warmth, and the brilliance remain attuned to the energy of the one to whom it is connected.

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