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"Maybe this is psychosomatic, but since I've been into açaí (pronounced as 'ah-sigh-ee'), I feel like I have a lot of energy. Pomegranate juice is too tart for me, and goji juice is too bitter. Don't get me started on wheatgrass." These are the words of the famous actress Whitney Cummings. She has been buying Acai in bulk for over a year now, and is pretty much satisfied with what the fruit has to offer.

As we all know, beauty is an integral part of Hollywood. People find newer ways to increase their skin tone, and invest thousands and even millions of dollars in the latest gadgets and health products. But chemically prepared nutrients are not very easy on the body, and after the initial burst of beauty, it will leave long lasting effects. Until the recent times, almost all the available food and fruits were deemed virtually useless from beauty enhancement point of view. This was until a couple of guys decided to research on Acai back in 1999.

The test results were immensely positive, and Hollywood soon jumped into the endless possibilities of Acai. Overall appeal and vanity is something that Hollywood lauds of. In an industry where beauty is paramount, acai has done wonders within just 6 years of its actual introduction into the market. So, what makes the fruit the favorite for numerous Hollywood actors and actresses like Matt Damon, Paul McCartney and Salma Hayek?

Acai grows in the rainforests of Brazil, and is known to contain large amounts of anti-oxidants and proteins that the body needs. A daily diet of acai visibly reduces signs of aging, and helps in increasing metabolism of the body, thereby reducing considerable amounts of unwanted fat and cholesterol. Research and studies organized by Jeremy and Ryan Black, the people behind the research of Acai on a large scale back in 1999, proved acai to possess almost ten times more the nutrient values than some of the conventional fruits and supplements around.
But people really started to listen when Oprah Winfrey hosted a show with the author of 'The mysterious power of acai'. Oprah is no stranger to us, and her immense media presence was enough to almost triple the sales of acai within a year's time. The better part is, people were really satisfied, and they began to feel the effects of acai within just days! What more could you ask for than the actual results and satisfaction of people consuming acai.

If you are looking to increase your beauty and reduce signs of aging, try including acai in your diet. Acai is not only useful in improving your skin tone, but can also be very useful in burning away those extra pounds. Once you start using acai, you will be spell bound by the effects, and it is assured that you won't stop consuming it time and again.

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