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Do you feel overwhelmed and weighed down by the world? Do you shy away from social situations because you find it hard to stand out or because you are afraid to stand out? Do you miss out on new opportunities because you don't take on new risks or allow yourself to face new challenges?

What if you could improve confidence?

We all know how important it is to improve self confidence and the significance this plays in our everyday lives. Improved confidence allows us to make great strides in our personal development, career goals and relationships, etc.

When we increase confidence we enhance the belief in ourselves, which allows us to feel good and perform at our best.

However, this is easier said than done.

Many people suffer from a lack of confidence, which further affects their productivity and happiness and comes in between them and the life they want to lead. No matter how hard they try to increase confidence nothing ever seems to help.

But don't despair because there are many effective ways to improve confidence.

Let's discuss how yoga and meditation techniques can help you to improve confidence and build self esteem.
Self Awareness-With regular practice of yoga and meditation techniques you will learn to understand and integrate your body and mind, its capabilities and your full human potential. This is a wonderful journey from what is to what is possible.

Yoga and meditation helps you to understand your self both internally and externally. Once you are aware of the potential that lies within you, your confidence will soar. You will become totally at ease, eliminate negativity and begin to focus on improving your life. When you increase self awareness you will naturally increase confidence.

Physical Fitness- It is a well known fact that exercise makes you feel better. Negative body image is one of the most common reasons people lack self confidence. However, a dedicated practice of yoga asanas can help to address this problem. Through the regular practice of yoga asanas, you incorporate a number of postures that stretch and lengthen your muscles. These postures work every muscle in your body, giving them flexibility and a well toned look.

In addition, the breathing techniques you include in your yoga routine ensure your muscles get an adequate supply of oxygen. This helps give them the strength and definition that are sure to improve confidence and self image.

Yoga will also flush out the toxins from your body and relieve you of any physical tension. At the end of the day you will feel energetic and look great, which in turn - you guessed it - will increase confidence.

Body language can say a lot more than verbal communication does. Hence, it is important to develop a good posture to communicate your confidence to yourself and others. The regular practice of yoga is useful in improving your posture so you can stand up tall instead of slouched. Good posture is apparent when you improve confidence.

Mental Strength- Stress is among the most prominent causes of mental fatigue. It consumes energy and breeds negativity and depression.

Yoga philosophy dictates that a healthy mind is essential for a healthy life. Regular yoga and meditation helps to clear the mind of negativity and clutter. Through breathing techniques and meditation, yoga teaches your body to breathe fully. This increases the supply of oxygen to the body which in turn helps reduce stress, increase energy flow and ensure mental clarity, concentration and focus. Through yoga you learn how to control your mind even in panic situations. This will improve confidence and enable you to meet any and every challenge with poise and assuredness.

After meditating for a while, you begin to realize your true worth and value. This is often clouded by perceptions in the external world that cause you to fail to recognize that value. Plus, it doesn't help that most people in the world apply so much focus on external beauty and appearance.

By doing meditation, you can alter your perception of the world and your self to realize what is truly important. And the more content you are with your self the more you become oblivious to the perception of others.

Most people spend a few minutes or hours of each day doing yoga poses, but fail to allot time for meditation. They deprive themselves of the emotional and intellectual enhancements that meditation can provide. This is a key concept that you should not overlook if you ever hope to improve confidence and derive the many benefits that yoga and meditation offer.

When you reach deep down inside you become aware of your full human potential and capability. This awareness gives you a renewed sense of self confidence knowing you can achieve anything and everything that you set your mind to. It also erases negative thoughts and emotions that may arise from doubting yourself and your capabilities. With the knowledge of your potential intact, you will face your goals with increased confidence and ease.

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To Natural Stress Relief, Abundance and Excellent Health

Tony D'Agostino
Founder and CEO of YogaAwakening

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