Kabbalah Meditation

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Kabbalah is an important and vital aspect of Jewish mysticism, which consists of extensive theories on creation, divinity, the origin and fate of the soul, and the role of human beings. The root meaning of the word "Kabbalah" is "to receive" or "to accept" and is often used as a synonym of "tradition." Kabbalah is viewed as an esoteric derivative of Judaism as it includes various meditative, devotional, mystical, and magical practices. These practices and the related rituals were not accessible for everyone to study and practice, but only to the chosen ones. However, there are certain facets of Kabbalah that have been practiced by people of non-Jewish origin as well since the last several hundred years. Kabbalistic meditation is based on these aspects and teachings of Kabbalah and is believed to be a direct way of interacting with the "Upper Worlds." It is also designed to relax and quiet the mind, which can bring positive changes in various areas of life.

The Kabbalistic meditations are based on the principles of Kabbalah that follow the three blessings. The three blessings are "May Hashem bless you and protect you," "May Hashem shine His face upon you," and "May Hashem lift His countenance towards you, and grant you peace." Hashem is the Jewish term used for God, which literally means "the Name," and is used to avoid casual use of God's name. In Kabbalah tradition it is believed that every night the soul ascends to the upper worlds and returns to the body in the morning. The Kabbalists have special prayers and meditations to thank the Creator for allowing the opportunity of one more day to reveal the internal "Light."

Kabbalistic meditation facilitates the cleansing of the negative influences out of the body and the mind. The essence of Kabbalistic meditation lies in achieving the power of mind over matter. It is a belief among Kabbalistic practitioners that this power and absolute control will bring heightened joy, love, and understanding into their lives.

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