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If you've ever watched a program involving someone that's psychic and wished you had that same ability, then be assured, you do. The ability to perform miracles and harness the psychic power is within every living person. Consider the early cave men. They didn't have a language so they depended on the part of their brain that controls telepathy to contact the other tribesmen or tell them there's someone or something watching them. You've probably been in a room and knew that someone was watching without ever seeing them. That's psychic ability.

Psychic ability surpasses simple telepathy once you harness it. Through the ages, various orders of men and women studied the harnessing of this energy. One highly successful group of people are those that are advanced practitioners of Tai Chi. Tai Chi is training your body to improve the flow of energy. It's a discipline that helps you focus and focus is important in any psychic training.

Advanced practitioners of Tai Chi are able to travel to the future, and forecast events, light fires with the energy from their hands, bend metal and perform a number of other amazing feats. Not everyone trains to do these feats. Since much of the training is quieting the mind, penetrating the mind and energy of his opponent and becoming sensitive to his energy, its isn't unusual for Tai Chi practitioners to experience psychic events and enter the mind of the opponent. The training also travels with them beyond the sparring arena into daily life.

What causes some of the amazing abilities to occur and increase as the student of Tai Chi increases his abilities? There are different thoughts about the cause of increased psychic power and all of them may be right.

Some believe it comes from the meditative phase of Tai Chi. They believe that when you calm your mind you allow yourself to access information you've always had and abilities you've hidden that await your discovery. This brings us back to the cave man and his ability. He didn't have all the useless facts stored in his head like modern man. There was no trivia, geometry, telephone ringing or television to block his ability. Quieting the mind brings us back to the primitive knowledge we once had.

Tai Chi is sometimes called moving meditation and the movement part trains the flow of energy flow with movement and breathing technique. Some believe it is the control of the life force, the chi, through the body that allows the Tai Chi practitioner to perform improbable feats. Amazing feats of strength can come from the practice of Tai Chi. The most interesting part of the development is the loss of self pride in order to increase the flow of Chi. Many times, people with low self esteem but great determination advance more rapidly than those filled with self pride.

When you use Tai Chi to learn psychic phenomena, pride stands in your way. Accepting that all is natural increases the amazing psychic ability. Self pride interferes with the abilities. Perhaps, the ancients understood that psychic ability is inside all of us. We need to accept it as we accept talking, walking and moving. If you stopped in the middle of every sentence and said, "Look at me, I'm talking" you'd never have any communication. Psychic ability, like every ability you have is part of your basic make-up. You have to accept that first and "just do it".

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