Women Are Prone To Insomnia Much More Than Men

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Whether it's due to partners snoring, nagging consciences or the stresses and anxieties of modern life, new research has revealed that women are almost 20 per cent more likely to suffer insomnia than men.
A year-long investigation by the National Sleep Foundation (NSF) into the sleeping habits of more than 2,000 women aged from 18 to 64 has found that almost two-thirds had between one and three disturbed nights every week. Almost 70 per cent said they frequently experience a sleep problem.
This compares to 52 per cent of men who say they suffer insomnia a few nights a week or more.
The study reflects research in a new book by the founder of the American Academy of Sleep Medicine, Dr Meir Kryger, author of Can't Sleep, Can't Stay Awake: A Woman's Guide To Sleep Disorders. 'Unlike men, women have sleep problems related to hormonal and bodily changes from menstruation, pregnancy and menopause,' he said.
'Unfortunately, too often it is women whose sleep disorders are undiagnosed or misdiagnosed because of a lack of education among doctors about these unique problems. This failure by doctors to correctly diagnose female sleeplessness is meaning sufferers are putting their health at risk while contributing to dramatic rises in obesity and diabetes.
'Women lose sleep because of their role in the family and the demands of today's 24/7 world,' he added.
I certainly must agree with all written in Guardian article. In today's fast growing and demanding world, women who are much more underestimated in any field, struggle to get a good night sleep.

I have been struggling to sleep better for about 3 years and absolutely nothing has helped me, till the day I met great composer and attended his workshop. He explained every detail of his music background and told as all the reasons why we cannot sleep better. It was very educative workshop and from that day I applied all his rules. I started to exercise a lot, I didn't realize that after one year I will be a one big addict who cannot live without exercising. I cannot imagine my day without at least 30 min running or doing other activities.

Meanwhile I started meditate about 5 min a day as I had really busy schedule, so couldn't invest more time. Hence it was more than enough. I played meditation music in the background called alpha music, which helped me put my brain into very relaxed alpha state. Every night I followed the same routine - exercising, meditating and playing alpha music before going to bed. Since that time my life has changed. I no longer suffer from insomnia which stopped me from having a normal life. I managed to organize my life and now I am the master of it and I am not letting everyone to disturb it. I remember that day when I first showed up on that workshop. This was surely the new beginning for me and my family too.

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