Ultimate Mind Power - Can You Increase The Power Of Your Mind?

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IF you could raise the total amount of your brain power by merely a measly 5% you would be right up there with all the great minds of all time. Einstein, Hawking, Newton, Michelangelo as well as the other great thinkers and doers. Meditate on that for a few seconds because that's ultimate mind power.

That would be awesome wouldn't it? You as one of the most intellectually gifted people on the face of the earth. What would you do with all of that brain and mind power and do it fast?

Could you have more money?

Could you provide better for your family?

Would you have a better personal life?

Could you have more friends?

Could you have everything you ever wanted?

The answer to all of the above is YES. Just learning how to use your mind can give you a big boost over those who don't know how and improve your mind power.

Just imagine how much happier you could be. How much more money you could make. How much happier you could be. How much better off your family would be. The thought of having all of that simply by raising your mental power a couple of points is mind boggling don't you think?

Learning to use your mind to it's fullest potential is what my goal is to teach you. I write the way most of us talk so it should be quite simple for you and everybody else to understand and follow.

Don't you just hate it when supposedly smart people try to educate you on something and you have to have a dictionary to figure out what they are saying. That's if it's even possible to figure it out.

You won't have that trouble with me. A number of people use big words so you'll know they're smarter than you are or better than you are or so they can talk down to you. That won't happen here. I'd rather see you have you ultimate mind power than try to let you know I might be smarter than you.

Sometimes, it seems that those people who are smart can't give information that's understandable because they'd rather show off how smart they are rather than instructing you on something or putting it in a way that you'll be able to learn from. It's not respectable unless it's in big polysyllabic words that no one can understand.

How can they teach you to use your intelligence, increase the power of your mind and have what you would like when they can't even talk in a way that's understood? Sorry, I don't have the answer to that one.

What I do know is it's not that hard to learn to use your mind and to increase your mental power. If you can sit in your recliner and think(meditation) then you can do it and have everything you've ever wanted.

What I am going to try to teach you is how to make your mind work for you, not against you so you too can have ultimate mind power.

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