Meditate For Beginners - 4 Easy Steps To Start

by Alicia Alexander - Date: 2010-07-03 - Word Count: 465 Share This!

How to meditate for beginners may seem complicated but in fact it's really easy to start. If you want to make meditation a part of your life you will need to attend a course (this is often rather expensive) or get a course online this is often more affordable and it hands you the opportunity to learn the basics and gives you an idea if meditation is really something for you before you decide to attend a seminar.

Take these 4 steps as an introduction to meditate for beginners.
1. Go to a quiet environment. Find a nice, quiet space where you won't be disturbed for a minimum of twenty minutes. Such as near a lake as an example. The natural environment will allow you to feel the nature, including the birds and the wind running through your hair, or even in your own home you can create such an environment.
The beach or a green spot in the woods is my preferred choice because it makes it easier to use your imagination and listen to the music simultaneously.
Go and sit down and rest your hands on your knees. It's not necessary to force yourself into a position that is not comfortable and that you cannot sit in without having pain. You can sit on the floor or on any chair with your feet relaxed on the ground..
Make sure you sit up straight and you are not hurting yourself.
2. Concentrate on your breathing. Close your eyes and start by breathing slowly inhaling through your nose and exhaling through your mouth. Let it be naturally. Don't force yourself let it happen.

3. As you are starting to relax, your body will feel tickly. You are getting reaction from your body and mind. Just let it happen. When you are breathing intensely, you'll begin to feel calmer and more relaxed. Keep focusing on your breathing. If you have trouble focusing count your breathing from one to ten and then start over again.
If you find your concentration back. It will happen |especially in the beginning|several times especially in the beginning|occasionally at the start}. Don't be discouraged, it will improve fast. As you develop more focus power, you will find it easier to concentrate.
4. After twenty minutes or so open your eyes and stay in your position for a few minutes. Stand up and stretch a little and try to keep the feeling for as long as you can to keep enjoying the relaxed feeling as long as possible.

Practice this exercise every day if possible to help you relieve stress from a busy day. This exercise will put you on the way to becoming a different more relaxed person. Get your life back.

This was the start now find out more about meditation and make it a part of your life.

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