Buying A Discount Plasma Tv? Here's 5 Ways Not To Get Hosed!

by Ike Ridley - Date: 2007-05-22 - Word Count: 444 Share This!

You might think Plasma TV is only for people with bulging purses or fat wallets.

Absolutely wrong! You don't have to be Donald Trump or Paris Hilton to enjoy a crystal-sharp Plasma TV in your living room!

If you make smart choices and avoid the con men selling second rate merchandise, you can have the Plasma TV of your dreams sitting in your living room next week. And this can be done for less money than you might imagine!

Any of the new generation Plasma TVs will give a you a great picture right out of the box. That includes the ones you can find for a discount price, if you know what you're doing . . .

It's critical that you purchase your Plasma TV from a reputable dealer selling brand name merchandise. Buy your Plasma TV only from a major retailer; small electronics stores or internet auctions cannot compete with the big boys on quality, warranties or return policies.

Major retailers are also authorized dealers, selling and servicing top brand merchandise. They have a reputation that they want to protect and won't go bankrupt if you have to return a defective $2,000 Big Screen TV.

Only Buy Name Brand Plasma TVs. You can't go wrong if you order a Panasonic, Pioneer, Sony, or NEC television. These are all major Plasma or LCD manufacturers making their own units. A "No-Name" Plasma is most likely manufactured with inferior components by second rate manufacturers . . . good luck finding parts and service!

Avoid Auctions, unknown internet discounters, high priced electronics stores and e-marketers selling "gray market" or "B stock" merchandise. These sellers very often are not qualified to become authorized dealers and have no enforceable warranty or return policy.

Look For Bargains on the websites of major retailers that you know and trust, like Wal-Mart, Sony or Panasonic. They'll have warranties, a return policy and a reputation to protect. They'll also offer some great deals on brand name merchandise.

Your retailer must be willing to guarantee his products and offer a 30-day replacement policy. The seller should be willing to give you his real name and address. If you settle for anything else it amounts to begging some con man to rip you off.

If you're a budget shopper, don't cut yourself out of the Plasma TV market. There's a beautiful, wide screen Plasma TV out there with your name on it . . . just waiting for you to click your mouse.

If you're careful, smart and follow the steps outlined above, you'll succeed in finding it!

Don't give up . . . it may take a few hours of surfing the web to get the price you want, but believe me, it'll be worth it!

It's as easy as 123!

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