Samsung 42 Dlp Hdtv Review

by Dean Iggo - Date: 2007-04-18 - Word Count: 365 Share This!

As the technology advances in the production of HDTV's, one of the newest features is called Digital Light Projection or DLP, and Samsung 42 DLP HDTV is an industry leading model that uses the DLP technology.

While there may be other sets that come with the DLP technology, you can't do any better than this Samsung 42 DLP HDTV. The set comes with such great features as 1280X720 resolution that has to be seen to be believed. The DLP chip was manufactured by Texas Instruments and is the cutting edge in technology when it comes to HDTV. A fantastic contrast ratio of 2500:1 can be found with this set. While not as high as some of the other sets on the market, noticeably the 10,000:1 Vizio plasma screen sets, it is still a razor sharp ratio that promises the best in sharpness and clarity.

Inside the DLP chip, the technology really has to be seen to be believed. Inside the DLP chip are thousands of itty bitty mirrors that turn on and off to project the light to the screen. This amazing technology provides a sharpness that has never been seen before, even in a HDTV set. The chip can move at incredible speeds. The mirrors can switch off 15,000 times per second to give the most accurate and true light imaginable.

The chip was chosen by Samsung and many other major TV manufacturers because of the speed of the chip. Since it can move so fast, it makes watching fast-moving television like sports and action films seem even more lifelike. is currently selling this model of TV for just a shade under $2,000, which is quite a bargain considering the revolutionary technology that is inside it.

Amazon has 48 unique reviews for this set and they are overwhelmingly positive. A current rating of four and a half stars out of five is awarded to this set, which is exceptionally high since there are always going to be unhappy customers.

The Samsung 42 DLP HDTV is a great choice if you're looking for a wide screen HDTV unit. There might be others that are bigger or less expensive, but Samsung provides a great combination of affordability and quality.

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