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You have your iPod now what? Do you leave it there or do you go browsing through the many iPod accessories which are even whispering evilly in your ear, to take them home with you (paid for of course!). And even if you do give your little shoulder devil the time of day, which of the accessories do you spring for? The iPod case, or the iPod speakers, or possibly even the iPod car holder. It's all truly a substance of cash availability and preference of course. For one thing if you're verging on the broke after splurging on your new iPod, there's very little in the way of buying that you can do, unless of course you go without food for about an entire week, or month or two!

This of course will limit your iPod accessory buying capacity to slightly more manageable proportions - you hope. So what do you look at, what are the best accessories for you to have with you? It course enough depends to a large extent on your day-after-day life habits, but if you find that you spend most of your time on the road going from one work destination to another, you will find that your iPod becomes your best friend.

To this end, you would really want to get an iPod car kit, but since these can be on the expensive side, you might think about buying an iPod FM transmitter instead. And along with that you might also want to look at getting an iPod car holder. These two accessories entirely could be all that you need, at least until you can scrape the money to get the more expensive car kit!...please continue on a site...

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