Refrigerator Organizing Tips

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Whether you have recently gotten a new refrigerator or are trying to make the best of your old one, it is recommended that you keep this product neat. It is quite easy to let a fridge become cluttered and dirty over time, but you would be surprised at the peace of mind having a spotless refrigerator can afford. After all, you likely see this product every time you walk past your kitchen, and you glance at the interior many times a day when you open it. Find out the best tips to get started cleaning this crucial product.

One inadvisable habit you may have is not throwing out older food when it expires. Many people just forget about expired food products, even leftovers from weeks ago, and simply place new food in front of them when they cook or go to the store. This results in packages of expired food being shoved to the back or sides of your fridge. If you do not get ill first from accidentally consuming old food, you may simply feel disgusted when you finally open a container only to see mold. Clearly, going through your fridge at least monthly and tossing out old food and leftovers from more than a week ago is a good way to ensure that your fridge stays spotless for a while.

You will most likely be surprised how empty your refrigerators seems after you get rid of older food. You might also be surprised at how dirty the shelves and drawers are, now that you can see them. The next step is to take out all the food products, and then clean the shelves with a wet, soapy rag or sponge to eliminate crumbs and buildup. If you can quickly take out the shelves, you might find it easiest to just scrub it in the sink. The same goes for the drawers, which are usually removable.

When tidying your refrigerator, do not forget about the exterior since that is what many people see first. It is rather easy to simply wipe down the exterior with a wet rag to get rid of finger prints, though if you have a stainless steel appliance you can opt for special cleaner for that material. If your fridge includes a water dispenser, and there are hard water stains, simply pouring some vinegar in the tray can help get rid of them quickly. Of course, remember to remove old mail or expired coupons from the outside of the fridge to avoid clutter.

Following these hints can help you keep your refrigerator tidy, whether it is old or new. This is one product that is seen frequently by house guests, so keeping it tidy is crucial. It is also crucial for your health since keeping old food around can result in illness.

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