How To Avoid A Speeding Ticket

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Not that encouraging people to disregard the speed limit is the best option, but commuters and road-trippers could decrease their chances of snagging a ticket with the latest innovations in radar detectors and iPhone apps.

*Keep in mind that some of these devices are illegal in VA, Washington D.C, U.S. Military bases and many foreign countries.

Radar Detectors with GPS

New GPS-based radar detectors help spot speed traps and can also tell you when you're approaching a red light or speed camera.

Top-rated devices like BEL GX65 and Passport 9500ix minimize false alarms and can be very difficult for the Spectre Radar Detector (used by authorities in states like Virginia to spot motorists illegally using radar detectors) to identify.

The Passport 9500ix has a long detection range which helps spot police using "instant-on" guns that are only powered on for brief periods. The BEL GX65 and the Passport are also effective in detecting a new class of ultra-low-power radar.

There's An App for That

Trapster is free and is updated to work under iOS 4. You can be alerted to speed traps or join the Trapster network of users that report speed traps.

A Public Database of Cameras is a database of photo-enforced locations (mostly red light cameras and speed cameras) updated by anonymous users around the country.

A competing app called Speed Cameras, comes from Europe and costs $2.99 but doesn't get the greatest reviews on iTunes.

The GPS Angel
This $99 GPS device won't give you turn-by-turn navigation, but it will alert you to a nearby red light or speed camera. You update the database (free for a lifetime) through your laptop or home computer and the device's USB connector.

Everyone knows the best course of action would be to drive safely and observe the traffic laws; however, gadget fanatics can't help being interested in these devices even though radar detectors are illegal in some states.

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