Choosing A Fridge

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Choosing the right fridge or fridge freezer may not seem like too big of an issue, but when it comes to your food and food costs it's nothing to play around with. Let us give you a hand when narrowing down your choices.

If you don't have abundant room for both a fridge and a freezer, purchasing a fridge freezer may be the best option for you and your living space. If you're on a budget you may want to look in to buying a freestanding fridge freezer. Even though some models have the freezer at the bottom and some at the top, models with the freezer at the top are often more compact than those with the freezer at the bottom.

For a cleaner look, there are built-in fridge freezers that compliment the rest of your kitchen cabinets. There are fewer models for built-in fridge freezers and can also be higher than freestanding models. Those of you with a big family will want to go with an American fridge freezer. Just make sure that you have enough space as these models tend to be larger. Also, watch out for freezers that take a while to cool. Those that take up to 24 hours are ones that you'll want to avoid as your food is likely to go off as bacteria thrives in warm temperatures.

Fridges come in all kinds of models with a number of features. Fridges with bottle grips make it easier to store taller bottles and some fridges even have bottle shelves. Icebox and freezer compartments are great for making ice and storing frozen foods, but can also reduce storage space in your fridge. Buying a fridge with rollers or castors can come in handy when cleaning behind your fridge.

For those of you shopping for a particular brand, some of the highest recommended brands are AEG/AEG Electrolux, Beko, Bosch, Hotpoint, Lec, and Neff. Even when you've bought your fridge you'll want to keep after care in mind. Make sure the fridge brand you choose has a good history of solving a high number of problems and delivers excellent customer service.

Whatever kind of fridge or fridge freezer you decide on, keep in mind that a big fridge or fridge freezer will not only take up a lot of space, but will also cost more on your energy bill while a smaller fridge will take up less space and take less of a bite out of your wallet. Some fridges also keep up quite a racket while cooling, something that might ruin what could be a good night's sleep. Just as a cheap fridge may be more efficient than an expensive fridge, an expensive fridge might be even more expensive to care for.

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