Electone Hearing Aids: High Quality At An Affordable Price

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Electone, Inc, is a hearing aid manufacturer located in Orlando Florida, and is known for both the quality of its Electone hearing aids and its customer service. Electone offers lines both of pre-made BTE hearing devices and to our custom Electone hearing aids with both digital and analog circuitry.

Electone's Tango, Aurora, Terra, and Rio lines of hearing aids are all designed to accommodate customers suffering from different degrees and types of hearing loss, for those who are mildly impaired to those whose hearing loss is profound.

Electone Hearing Aid Lines

Electone haring aids in the Tango line are digital, non-programmable BTE models which have excellent feedback cancellation for improved auditory comfort and clearer speech comprehension. The Tango Electone hearing aids are appropriate for those with moderate to profound hearing impairment.

The Aurora 2 and Aurora 4 Electone hearing aids are both programmable digital hearing aids and can be built as either behind-the-ear or ear canal hearing devices. The Aurora 2 can be ordered as a power BTE hearing device if desired, and is good for mild to moderate hearing loss. The Aurora 4, also indicated for mild to moderate hearing loss, had advanced digital programming

The single-channel digital Terra Electone hearing aids have flexible programming and are suitable for those with a moderate to severe hearing impairment; they are available as both ear canal and behind the ear devices.

The premium lines of the Electone hearing aids are the Rio and the Rio Sierra. The Rio is a single-channel programmable digital hearing device with flexibility and the Rio Sierra has two channels so that the wearer has much-improved sound quality in noisy situations. Both models can be programmed to cover all degrees of hearing impairment form mild to severe, and come not only in ear canal designs but in three distinct behind-the-ear models.

The Electone Rio has readily accessible controls, allowing the wearer to program it for his or her comfort. Both its frequency response and sound input and output are adjustable to the user's specific hearing needs.


Electone hearing aids also can be made with your choice of optional features, including a traditional or switchless programmable telecoil, and a directional microphone system.

The wide variety of Electone hearing aid options means that your audiologist can fine-tune tune your test programming and give you a choice of either a behind the ear or invisible hearing aid; and that Electone will not have any difficulty producing a hearing aid uniquely suited to your comfort and hearing needs.

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