How to Duplicate - Duplicate - Duplicate the System

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Network Marketing is a business that heavily relies on a system. Sponsoring people is a process, a system, in which, you contact people, give them information, re-contact them, invite them to an event, and the get their decision about if they see an opportunity to get started or not.

Success in network marketing relies on your ability to duplicate yourself. In this business, the first thing you should be doing is learning. When you have learned what you need to know, it is to your benefit that you start teaching what you have learned. Your goal in this industry, if you really want to be MASSIVELY successful, is that you want to learn to teach, to teach. That is when the big money starts coming in.

During the learning phase, you probably aren't going to earn any money; however, when you learn to teach you will start to see some money coming in, but when you duplicate yourself, and learn to teach, to teach, you will certainly see the fortune! :)

When you get your organization off the ground, you are going to find that you only really work with about 30 key people in your whole organization, and when you get to about 125 to 200 people in your organization you are going to see if you have been duplicating properly because this is when the compound effect usually occurs. If you have not duplicated properly once you get to this number it will stay there. If you did duplicate properly, with in about 90 to 100 days your organization should grow to about 1000 people.

'If you do this business right, 80% of your key people will not live within 100 miles of you'

I'm going to tell you right now. The first 5 people are the hardest ones to get into your organization, the ones after that come much easier. In order to duplicate these five people into a self sufficient distributor you need a system. A system is a way to put things into a pattern that people can follow. Have a system driven process that incorporates current technology, that penetrates the home, and one that creates self sufficient distributors that are aware of the skills and knowledge that are required of them to earn the income they desire, and you will be set in a big way. $$$$$$$ :) $$$$$$$$

Your job as a leader is to sponsor, teach, then upgrade them into a core distributor. This is the type of distributor that follows the system to a tee. They use, and share the products, they go out and make their exposures on a daily basis, they attend and promote all of the upcoming events, they constantly engage in personal development, and most of all, they learn and teach the system so that they can duplicate themselves, so that they can create the fortune that they desire.

Follow the system and there is no way you can lose...

Here's how the system works again...

'Contact, Info, Re-contact, Invite, Decision'

Contact- The purpose of the contact is to see if the person is a prospect or a suspect. If they aren't interested in getting more information then they are suspect, but if they are, they are definitely a prospect. Make the contact simple enough that the person you are contacting actually thinks that they can do what you do; by doing this you are training them before they even get started and they don't even know it.

Info- Info are tools that we use to expose to our prospects. You can use some sort of packet for the prospect to evaluate, voice demand numbers, three way calls, samples of the product, you can tell them to come to the next event, or you can use any other way that your team has set up for you.

Re-contact- After they review the information you given them, follow up with them within 48 hours and utilize the three way call, the third party should always be the one moving the prospect through the process; they are the one that should invite the prospect out to the next event.

Invite- Self Explanatory.... Invite them to your teams next event!

Decision- After you go through the process I have just given you, the prospect should have enough information to make their decision. If they say yes, sign them up, if they say no, ask them if they are interested in the product. Also, if they say no, ask them, ' who do you know that's ambitious and motivated and would like to earn more money.' It can't hurt to ask for the referral, so....


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