Best Sexual Position for Couples of Different Physical Constitutions

by Sacha Tarkovsky - Date: 2007-03-24 - Word Count: 507 Share This!

In the best sexual position series we have covered the whole range of positions to be taken during the sexual act, for different purposes.

This article is concerned about disproportionate couples; such as a thin man and a corpulent woman, a thin woman and a corpulent man, and finally the best sexual position if both the partners are corpulent.

These positions are adapted from the Arab Classic ‘The Perfumed Garden', a work of timeless value.

The Thin Man and Corpulent Woman

The man must consider the best sexual position for them is sideways.

The man lays the woman on her side, and taking her thigh on the top leg, raises it as high as possible on his own upper leg, so much so, that it will rest on his waist.

The man will use the woman's lower arm as a pillow for his head, and a real pillow under his own lower hip (to make sure his penis is at the correct height to penetrate the woman).

This is done as the woman's thighs will be very thick, and thus without height adjustment, the man will not be in a position to penetrate the woman.

The couple, now joined, can thrust together (the man pushes and woman recedes, then the woman pushes and the man recedes). This is best sexual position for the thin man and the fat woman.

The Thin Woman and Corpulent Man

There are more variations for a thin woman and a fat man, but the following is by far the best. The man lies on his back with his legs flat. His fat stomach will, on account of gravity, spread out evenly.

The woman mounts the man, and with her knees and hands on the bed (or floor) the man grabs her arms. She must move in the characteristic moves of the belly dancer (or bump and grind).

If she cannot do this movement (some women cannot) the man can induce her movements with his bent knees...but its better to have the woman move. This is the best sexual position for the thin woman and the fat man

The Corpulent Couple

The fat couple will always have trouble with the sexual act, especially if they have large and protruding bellies.

The best (and only) sexual position for them is for the woman to go on "all fours", but elevating her buttocks to expose her genital area. Her legs must be open as much as possible, and the man must assume a kneeling position himself, separating her legs, and then penetrates her from behind.

The man must either hold his belly with his hands or put it to rest on her back and buttocks. If he is able to place his belly so, he can hold on to the woman's middle, and pull and push her in a mock thrusting motion.

If however, the woman's buttocks is too low to rest his belly, the man must place a pillow under her knee to raise her up. This is the best, and perhaps only successful sexual position for the fat couple.

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