The G-spot - How to Stimulate it for Maximum Pleasure

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In earlier articles we explained how to locate a woman's G-spot. Now that you can find it, there are special sexual positions to learn that once assumed, will stimulate it, and bring the woman into spasms of ecstasy.

These positions once mastered, will also make the man an indispensable lover.

Please read our earlier articles on location of the G-spot, as it is not easily found unless you know where and how to locate it.

Ernst Graftenburg was a German doctor that actually discovered this area, and it is named after him, the "g" spot. Within the woman's vagina, the g-spot is an area on the front wall, not far from the actual vagina opening.

The stimulation that is effective for the g-spot is a constant and firm pressure, which usually evokes a strong and profound orgasm in the woman.

Assuming you know where it is, you have understood that is corresponds precisely to that area where the urethra is most near to the top of the wall of the vagina.

It is interesting to note that each woman has some variety in where her g-spot is located, so the man must do some research to locate exactly where his partner's g-spot is.

This is done by the man first lubricating his index and middle fingers, and slowly inserting them into a similarly lubricated vagina.

The fingers are inserted with the palm side facing the outside. At the top of the vagina's wall, at about perpendicular with the urethra, the man will feel a sort of lattice-work area (rough and lenticular tissue).

In the midst of the lattice-work is the g-spot and use feedback from your partner to confirm you have actually located it.

Here follows three excellent positions that provide for maximum g-spot stimulation.

- While performing cunnilingus, it's a perfect time to simultaneously stimulate the g-spot.

Again with the man's index and middle finger inserted into the vagina (while the man's tongue is performing cunnilingus) and using the "come here" motion locate and touch the g-spot.

Use steady firm but not too firm pressure.

With the action on the clitoris (from the cunnilingus) and pressure to the g-spot, both partners can assured of both a profound and extensive woman's orgasm.

Note, this will take approximately 20 minutes.

- Another method which is sure to succeed is during intercourse, for the woman to mount the man, but not sit straight, but to lay directly on the man.

The woman will be able to manipulate her position so there is direct pressure to the g-spot. The man has nothing at all to do except maintain his erection, and let the woman move into position.

Once there the man can press slightly with his hips to increase the pressure from his erect penis.

Orgasms, are often simultaneous with both partners quickly follows.

- The g-spot can also be greatly stimulated by the couple finding a swimming pool that allows privacy.

The man stands in the water at the shallow end, and the woman sits on the edge of the rim of the pool.

She slides her legs into the water, and positions herself just enough so the man can enter her.

The man's penis will be directed at this angle directly to the g-spot. The woman or the man can gyrate but not thrust. The g-spot is better stimulated by constant and persistent localized pressure. Mutual orgasms are sure to follow.

The G spot is a wonder of the female anatomy find out how to locate and then stimulate it and you will give your partner the ultimate in pleasure and satisfaction.

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