Heat Her up - Get Her Primed for a Night of Great Sex

by Maciek Wozniak - Date: 2007-01-05 - Word Count: 488 Share This!

A Little Reminder...

Some men find it difficult to successfully seduce their ladies. Making a woman willing to have sex is much more difficult than making a guy horny and willing, but this is old news. Yes, your buddies might heat up at the sight of a magazine with naked women, but I guess you know by know that the same technique won't work in case of most women. But what works? Are there any special things to do in order to literally melt a woman? Is there any successful recipe that guarantees that she will be yours for a hot night of great sex? Well, the rules are simpler than you might think. Just keep on reading.

Prepare an Inviting Decor

Think about it for a second... what do women like? Well, they are fond of anything that promotes good aesthetics. So, let's start from the beginning: prepare the most appealing love making decor. Don't think that the looks are everything, women feel with all their senses, so a great atmosphere is needed, to be exact. More precisely? Start from a clean, neat and simple room. Sure, a wide bed is essential, but these are too: diffuse lights, soft, silky bedding, nice perfume in the air, drinks and music. Yes, candles and rose petals are the classic clichés, but they are not mandatory - besides, your girl might not be that romantic, so that decor will just look cheesy.

Flirt, Flirt and Flirt

No, I am not talking about the cases when you see a girl for the first time and end up in bed with her the same night. I am actually talking about a girl that you date or even your partner. But where does flirting come in all these? Well, flirting is the game of the lovers, it puts lovers into actions rapidly and it allows you to enter a fantasy world. So, play with her the game of teenage sweethearts, tease her and smile to her. Still, let her know (in subtle manner) that this is all a game and that, in fact, you are a mature man, a confident stud. If you manage to do this, she is yours.

What You Should Avoid

Obviously, you like to experience new and exiting techniques when you have sex, you are a man, after all. But wait: no sexual toys, no new "experiments" and no extreme fantasies put into actions the first time you have sex with your girl. If everything works out fine, you will have plenty of time to experiment and see if your new partner wants to join your fantasies. But the first time, stick to the techniques that you have practiced before; leave the toys and the other stimulants hidden, simply because she might not be their fan. The first time, stick to what you know that actually works and brings women pleasure. Considering all these facts, there is one last thing left to say: enjoy your hot night!

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