Multiple orgasms for a woman!

by Terri Bennett - Date: 2007-01-19 - Word Count: 357 Share This!

Multiple orgasms for a woman!

Multiple female orgasms

Did you know that there are many different types of orgasms?

I am going to tell you about different orgasms and how you can achieve them!

Firstly, lets begin with the most difficult, multiple orgasms;

1. Multiple Orgasms

Basically a multiple orgasm is when a woman has reached climax, and the feeling just keeps going and is really intense! When many women climax, they just can't climax again because they are too sensitive, however if you want to know how to achieve multiple orgasms, you must do the following;

After climax, the woman should relax with her man still inside her, and she should wait for several vaginal contractions. Then the feeling that brought the orgasm to begin with, will start again- at that crucial time is when you start again with the motion, but slowly to begin with. This may take practice as every woman has there own recovery time, just experiment; when you hit the timing right your woman will ride to orgasm again.

2. The "Never Comes Orgasm"

This one frustrates all women; it's can be so imminent and yet just never gets there, no matter how hard you might try. That's the key though - don't try too hard!

You can't force her to orgasm, Just make her feel comfortable, by keeping eye contact, you will arouse her and also try deep-breathing. If you can, try and keep your breathing, rhythmic with hers-this is a lot more sexy, and it will create the intimate bond she might need to climax. Then she will have a great orgasm!

4. The "Grinding Orgasm"

This is an orgasm that's achieved without penetration, This is a good way for women to still climax if their partner has already climaxed!

This is achieved by the woman wrapping her legs around your thigh, with her clitoris and vulva pressed hard against you, then she should start grinding and rocking, by doing this, it's reaching and hitting the entire pleasure zone and can bring great pleasure even though there is no penetration.

All of these techniques will bring immense pleasure to both you and your partner, you just need to practice and master the different techniques!

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Terri Leigh Bennett

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