Meaning of Woman in the Bible (Part One)

by Joseph Kamau - Date: 2007-01-19 - Word Count: 556 Share This!

Science of necessity begins its study of "Life" with the egg and sperm, and atom and cell, all of which are part of the visible world, even though a microscope is needed to be able to observe them. But we are told that everything that has been made began as something invisible, and therefore spiritual. So if we are to understand the origin of man we must look far beyond the egg and sperm into the invisible realm of God. There is no scientific instrument made that will allow us to penetrate into the invisibility of spirit, and neither does human consciousness have any ability to access that realm. Paul states very clearly that everything that we can see with our natural vision is passing away, for it has no real sense of permanence. But those things that are invisible they are the eternal realities, for they were in existence before this material world began, 2 Cor 4:18.

Spirit has its own language, which can only be understood by those who are spiritual. For instance the scripture uses the terms, "day and night". In the natural world "day" would mean a twenty-four hour period, but in Genesis chapter one, it refers to a time of inspiration and revelation. Light throughout the Bible speaks of understanding and illumination. Night for the natural mind is the opposite of day and has a negative connotation.

So it becomes very evident that Genesis chapter one is a spiritual view of the development of the Kingdom of God within us. No-where else can we see the divine nature and character of God revealed so clearly and our relationship to him, all based upon union and oneness. The source and substance of everything in this chapter is Spirit, and nothing else. Elijah discovered on the top of the mountain that "power" is not in physical or material force, but in that which is spiritual, "the still small voice." Having established a foundation whereby we can look into the origin, both of man and the universe, we discover we are not looking at that which is visible, but into the invisible or spiritual realm.

There are many concepts in the scriptures that are unintelligible, even to natural mind. One of these is the issue of "male and female." It is interesting that we find this matter mentioned in the very first chapter of Genesis in connection with the creation of man. The fact that man was created "male and female" (X and Y) in the beginning is very rarely mentioned in Christian literature, as if it is of no consequence, or perhaps because the idea is so confusing to the natural mind of man. However, we must remember that the "male/female" aspect of man in creation is spiritual and not physical.

Today with all the emphasis society has put on our "sexuality," no one wants to even consider the truth that stands behind our God-given identity. For the most part sexuality is relegated mainly to the flesh realm and so is considered to have little or nothing to do with spiritual things. As we proceed with this study, we will see that male and female have much more to do with spirituality than with any carnal concept of sexuality. But in order to discover the truth, we must discover the divine point of view on this subject.

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