Better Sex - 6 Tips for Guys to Satisfy your Partner Part 1

by Sacha Tarkovsky - Date: 2007-01-21 - Word Count: 626 Share This!

Do you want to enjoy better sex with your partner in fact do you want to enjoy great sex? Then the 10 tips below will help you increase satisfaction for you and your partner.

Many men don't understand what their partners need to enjoy better sex and make common mistakes and these are outlined below.

1. Foreplay

It's a fact that as a general rule men are aroused quicker sexually than women.

You need to keep in mind that women take longer to warm up and if your partner is relaxed and highly simulated before sexual intercourse, then the chances of her reaching orgasm are enhanced.

This of course involves lots of foreplay before sexual intercourse.

Foreplay is vital and you need to concentrate on not just the physical but the emotional needs of your partner.

Generally, women don't want to be seen as simply objects of sex but want to know you desire both mind and body. Better sex for them involves a combination of the two, so keep this in mind.

For example, kissing is a huge turn on for most women and 90% say they don't get kissed enough so make this a big part of foreplay. Leading on from this...

2. Target Different Erogenous Zones

Foreplay involves targeting ALL the female erogenous zones, not just the obvious ones! And this is a guaranteed way to enjoy better sex.

We all know the breasts and clitoris are obvious, but add some variety.

We have discussed these at length in our other articles but here are some to look at:

The neck kissing and nibbling of the neck is a huge turn on for women, so to are the ears; these areas are packed with nerve endings so target them.

Another great area to target is the back and area just above the Bottom kiss and lick the spine and massage the back and don't forget the bottom.

Most women are conscious of their bottoms so don't neglect it by kissing and caressing it your partner is guaranteed to appreciate it.

3. Don't complicate Sexual Positions

A Major mistake many men make is making sexual positions to complicated, thinking they will lead to better sex.
Men read about some new position and think that's the route to the perfect orgasm it isn't!

There are 3 great positions that will hit the G spot (discussed in part 2) and they are not complicated and have been used for thousands of years and you should use these as a base.

By all means try other positions but these are a good base for better sex.

4. Communicate

You need to find out what your partner likes and more importantly what she doesn't! Communicate all the time, not only will it lead to better sex it will show you care as well.

5. Lasting Longer

If you can last longer then you and your partner will enjoy more satisfying intercourse. There are a couple of simple things you can do to achieve this.

The first is slow down by slowing down you will last longer, this may sound simple but it's effective.

The second is breathe correctly. Slow your breathing and take deep breathes and also try and synchronize your breathing with your partners.

6. When it's over

It's not over. There is nothing worse than finishing and walking out the door, or strolling off to make coffee!

Show your partner respect. Let her know how much you enjoyed it, how much you care, this makes your partner feel wanted and that's very important for better sex in a relationship.

So there you have it, some simple tips for better sex.

In part 2 we will cover the sexual act itself, how to enjoy not just better sex but great sex!

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