Current State of Transgendered People in Society

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The argument and controversy surrounding transgendered people is the fact that many individuals do not want to accept the fact that people can be born with male genitalia, yet have the characteristics of the opposite sex. Over the past several years there has been a push for acceptance and the rights of the transwomen. Many protest that individuals can not help the way in which they feel and their innate characteristics. Others quote the bible and state that these people choose to have sex change operations and choose their feelings. As history progresses and acceptance becomes more of an issue, we will likely see more rights and freedoms assigned to transwomen.

Most states have laws protecting those wishing to change their names. This is one of the first steps for most transwomen. At the court house you can pay a fee and have your name changed. The problem arises when these individuals attempt to change the sex on their birth certificate. In most states the changing of your sex identity is not allowed or permitted. The transwomen that are now living as a female will have a difficult time in most any arena of their life. In most cases you must show your birth certificate for just about anything you do. When you apply for a job, you are asked for your drivers license and birth certificate for proof of your identify. If the individual has listed that they are female and the birth certificate states differently, this can spark curiosity in the employer's eyes. Transgender individuals are still not widely accepted so many suffer from the faces of discrimination.

There are several court cases around the world in which transgender adults are brining court action for discrimination. In one particular case a male that had lived as a female and recently undergone a lifestyle change, was terminated from his employee. Not only was the individual fired from his employment, he was denied the fact to change his first name by the company. This particular individual has had trouble finding employment, even though there are years and years of professional experience on "her" resume at this point. With the court cases pending there is a large chance that the laws and rights of transwomen around the world will change.

The media plays a large role in the incorrect depiction of all transgender individuals. In most cases transwomen are portrayed as some type of odd ball or someone that is to be looked at as though they were performing in a circus. This disorder is no different than any of the others, but people make it naughty because they do not have the information or education to understand the true facts. Here are a list of films and works that portray transgender adults: Law and Order - has transgender characters, The Crying Game, Boys Don't Cry and Different for Girls

Many transwomen never undergo genitalia surgery even if they have the money. Most are comfortable with living their life just the way they are and see no reason to change. Surgery is painful and a long drawn out process that can cost hundreds of thousands of dollars. There are risks to the surgery that include death from bleeding or infection. The results are permanent and this scares a small portion of the transwomen that their choice is then taken from them. After surgery there is not turning back. Surgery can be used to remove the penis and basically construct a vagina for the person if they feel inclined to have the surgery. A female can become a male by surgery as well, but is much more difficult. The construction of a functioning penis from the clitoris is very difficult. Many fear the fact that orgasm may change after surgery and is one of the leading causes that these individuals shy away from surgery.

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