Incredible Success With Google Adsense-Blogging And Opt-in Email Marketing Part 1

by John C Vincent - Date: 2007-02-01 - Word Count: 595 Share This!

Without going into detail on what AdSense is all about or what a niche is or any other info that can be saved for a later article, I'll just write as if you're already familiar with these topics.

Google AdSense has been around for a few years now. Blogging has been around since the late 1990s and Opt-in Email Marketing has been with us ever since that first innovative internet marketer decided to get the names and email addresses of folks who visited his website by placing an Opt-in form on his site and enticing folks with a free report or free eBook just for filling out that form.

Through Google AdSense you gain a passive income. Through Blogging you can get your websites indexed within 24 to 48hrs (5-7 days at the most). And through Your Opt-in Email List you get prospective buyers and as we'll see later, High CTR or "Click Through Rate" on your Google AdSense Ads.

Wouldn't it be nice to combine all three of these items to generate even more income for you and your family?

You Can, you know, and here's how:

First Instead of creating a website and paying for a domain name and monthly hosting fees, just run on over to Blogger at

It's free, meaning, want to create a domain name ... it's free. want to Create a's also free.

It's owned by, of all folks, Google and that's an advantage you need right off the bat. Why? Well once you create your blogger account and start posting to your blog, Google's curiosity is aroused since it's their baby. They'll spider YOUR BLOG and any links you placed on your blog to any websites owned by you or associated with you will also be spidered.

Can you say I-N-D-E-X-E-D. Sa-Winggg!!!

And it's possible to get your website(s) indexed within 24 to 48hrs.

Why would Google be so generous? Because Google as well as MSN and Yahoo love Blogs. In fact, once Google indexes your blog, MSN and Yahoo will generally follow suit.

But back to WHY.

The content placed on blogs is always being updated and search engines just eat it up when you place New Content on your Blog so YOU, my friend, are feeding their "Frenzy". That's right...Content Is King and you can find no better place to prove that point than on your very own Blog.

So your next action would be to create content for your site. The idea is to write or use information that would provide value to the reader.

All your articles should help improve their life in some manner. You can create content for your site in a numbers of ways. This can include:

Your own web articles
Guides, product evaluations, and "How To's"
Blogs and RSS Feeds
Public domain works
Private label rights
Hiring a freelancer to write your content

Obviously creating content for your site is an ongoing process, so once you've created at least 10 pages of quality information for your readers, you should create your web pages and optimize them for Google Adsense.

Second It's time to get an AdSense account. just go to:

and click on "Click Here To Apply".

It should take 1 or 2 days to get approval from Google and then you're an AdSense publisher. Just make sure to read the Terms Of Service (TOS) so you can KEEP your publisher's account. :-)

NEVER Click on the Google AdWord Ads on your site. Google will drop you like a hot potato if you do this.

In Part 2 I'll discuss 3 strategies rarely used, if at all, for Incredible Success.

Part 2 Coming Soon To A Computer Near You!

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