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With thousands of new Internet surfers added daily, any smart marketer knows that tapping into this endless global database can have fabulous results. But before you dive in, there are rules. Having a legitimate message along with a good product or service is not good enough. Without the right target audience, your message will not have any impact, causing you to be labeled as a spammer. Remember - You have fierce competition out there in cyberspace, and your competition wants to win - and win big.

When the going gets tough, the tough get creative. The foundation of any successful email marketing campaign is a solid and up-to-date email mailing list. That list should consist of willing recipients, wanting to receive your message. A message that is relevant in their lives - a message that meets a specific need or desire. The wise old saying, it's not about you, rings crystal clear in this digital age of what's in it for me?

So, if you are considering an online email marketing campaign, it would be a wise start to begin building that golden list of targeted subscribers to market your products and services to. But where does one begin to legitimately harvest email addresses?

1) Good old fashioned networking. There are many networking events going on in whatever state you live in. There are niche networking clubs that will keep you apprised of all the events that would be advantageous for you to participate in when building your bottom line. Search for them, and join them. Become an active participant. Collect business cards at the events you attend. Email your new contacts and get their permission to send them information about your product or service, sending them to a landing page where they can opt-in for further information.

2) YouTube. A great way to add targeted subscribers is to give a video event. Invite your Twitter, Facebook followers, and prospects to a sign-up page specifically for the event. Entice them to sign up with a complimentary subscription to your newsletter or send them some type of free and valuable information within your marketing niche. Use the key words needed in the text introduction. Having your website and email embedded in the introduction, enables Google to index your title and message in the SERPs.

3) Social bookmarking sites. Social bookmarking enables Internet users to store, search, and organize bookmarks of web pages that they are sharing with their friends or the public. Send some of those bookmarks in your email communications, thus creating a link back to your website or landing page.

4) Write a PDF white paper containing your own original research in your field or product. Everyone appreciates helpful and factual information. Leave out the marketing hype. Set a professional tone in your writing.

5) Write articles. Everyone has an expertise in something. If you feel you cannot write, hire a freelance writer who can. Submitting your articles to several free article sites, with your website and email backlinks, can be a great marketing tool.
6) Blog. Create a blog on your website. Engage your readers with open discussions. Take the time to read what people are writing and respond accordingly. Creating positive digital chatter goes far.

7) Leave comments on blogs and discussion boards. Find the forums that involve your product or service. Join in the discussions. Give solid advice leaving your website and email address as your signature line. People naturally want to know the person behind any information and advice that is factual and actually that works!

8) Promotions and sales. In a bad economy, people are hurting and looking to save. Send a special email marketing campaign promotion, savings, or sale that is valuable. You will attract attention. Make sure that people receive what you are promising. Create trust in your brand and in your word. Be helpful. Real value and integrity goes far.

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