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by Breanna Cameron - Date: 2010-08-09 - Word Count: 347 Share This!

The strength of email marketing is in the return for little outlay. What this means is that additional costs need to be addressed. Costs like, for instance, dealing with enquiries both pre and post purchase. Each contact eats into profits.

When working out a plan to deal with customer queries you must be ruthless. Whilst everyone will tell you that your email lists are sacrosanct, there are exceptions to every rule. You should be patient with those who seem reluctant to learn from experience but if they continue to cost you more than they are worth then the pandering must stop.

As in everything in email marketing, systems are everything. Your processes should be aimed at reducing calls from the start. When welcoming a newcomer to your email list with a congratulatory email, mention your preferred method for contact. Then when they make their first purchase, ensure that the acknowledgement of their order also contains a full explanation of the automated support. Emphasise that you implemented after much market research.

Fin out why customers feel the need to contact you. If they want to check delivery time then it is easy enough to set up an automatic updating system with email marketing software that keeps the purchaser informed at each stage. Some people do not want this type of support so, with the husbanding of those on your emails lists now back on the agenda, have an opt out button.

If your automated systems prove insufficient then there must be some form of back-up to satisfy the demand. Check each email or phone call for failures on your behalf and, of course, rectify them immediately. A bonus of email marketing is the speed with which such modifications can be implemented.

If customers find themselves needing your expensive contact support, do not take your frustrations out of them. Ensure your systems allow you to resolve their problems easily, quickly and politely.

With email marketing becoming more popular, purchasers are beginning to accept automated systems so do not be afraid to use them. It would be a shame to waste all that money you saved.

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