Social Media Optimization And Email Marketing Strategies

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f you are a savvy online email marketer, you need to include Social Medial Optimization (SMO) as a key ingredient of your email marketing plans. Websites that now have a larger integration with social media are gaining huge popularity as their rankings grow higher in the search engines. SMO is a unique marketing tool, offering you live, interactive methods to engage your audience daily.

Social Media Optimization (SMO) produces a great deal of popularity for any website. Using online communities create an endless flow of digital chatter called viral marketing. Viral marketing is where a website becomes popular through the buzz created by using blogs, emails, social bookmarking, videos, and photo sharing. SMO is a powerful free tool when considering all the strategies you might invest in when building and boosting your own website traffic.

While preserving your current listings, SMO helps you gain more search engine exposure. By using videos, forums, blogs, Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn, you can capture a larger number of organic SERP positions. Every marketer's goal is simple; increasing website traffic - by pointing them to a customized and predetermined landing page. Using SEO marketing will help you reach that goal effectively. It is imperative to understand what strategies will work for you. Here are some basic tactics to get you started:

Link Building with:

1. Article Directories. Submitting articles to article directories is a great source when creating valuable backlinks. There are several article directories that are frequented by thousands of Internet surfers. Many surfers will click on your email or website signature when your article is read.

2. Forums. Adding your backlinks to a forum signature when posting your responses is another way of getting your company noticed. Do not market yourself on the forum. It is tempting, but forum moderators constantly scan the communications for spammers, and will quickly blacklist you if they believe you are only joining for marketing purposes.

3. Blogs. Blogs are one of the most popular tools, when integrating social media into your marketing strategies. Blogs open interactive dialogues with your clients and prospects, enabling an honest exchange of ideas and thoughts. Viral discussions are not only good for your company, but are picked up by the search engines creating backlinks back to your blog.

4. YouTube. Sign up with YouTube for your free account today. Make a YouTube video of either your products or services. Advertise the URL on your newsletters, blogs, Facebook and Twitter account. You can leave your website and email as your video signature.

5. Business Directories. Add your business listing to the Local Business section on Google, Bing, and Yahoo. It's free and the local business results appear first on the search results.

6. Pay Per Click (PPC) PPC is when you create advertisements on search engines such as Google, Yahoo, MSN, and Bing. The advertisements will appear under the sponsored results each time a user types in a key word that relates to the subject of the ad. Advertisers only have to pay for users that click on their websites, explaining the name "pay per click."

A Few More Simple Strategies to Add

Listen to what your customers and prospects are saying: Communication is a vital key towards gaining business success. Honest and useful communication helps establish, and grow your customer base. Be an active listener. When you are an active listener, you'll know the best method and way to communicate to each individual prospect or client. Good listening skills foster good customer relationships.

Keep up with the latest Internet digital chatter. Do some keyword searches for your product or service. Read the blogs, articles, and Facebook comments. See what people are saying. What makes them happy? What are their grievances? Always have the attitude to grow and adapt along the way.

Track your marketing campaigns. Integrate tracking tools to monitor and measure the success of your social media optimization campaigns. Create linking reports showing inbound links pointing to your domain and specified landing pages. Tracking your metrics is important when determining whether your SMO campaigns are effective.

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