How To Avoid Hiring Wrong Social Media Marketing Agency

by Cherry Rahtu - Date: 2010-07-27 - Word Count: 274 Share This!

I assume you know what is social media, and you are looking for a social media agency since you came cross this blog post.

"I want a social media marketing agency to promote my business on Facebook, twitter,hurry up, my competitors are all doing that,my customers are on social media". but wait a minute, do you know what social media does?Is social media not for promoting my business?

No, it is a communication tool , a great and free platform for interacting between you and your audiences.

Why i say it is not for promoting business? Let me give you an example:?our facebook fan page CHERRY SOLUTION, opened for about 2 weeks, total fans : 4. Never grow in spite of my constant high-quality update. Why? Because it does not reach out to people,there is no engagement. I deliberately do this because I want to test without any other efforts whether I can get fan,result is NO. To grow fans or audience, additional effort and knowledge is required.

If a social media marketing agency only know how to setup social media account,how to auto tweet and social media distribution,don't expect too much from ROI(return on investment),those skills you can learn in few minutes and you can do it by spending seconds. You can hire the agency if they know:

1.Social media is only one part of successful online marketing

2.Engage or die

3.Where to find right people

4.What to talk to those people

5.Drive traffic to your website

Social media is a tool that you can use to spread your content but without building relationship and interact with people ,it is useless.

Don't believe in what i say, try it by yourself. Any opinion to share?

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