Use Permission Based E-Mail Marketing to Promote your Home Based Business

by Mike Makler - Date: 2006-11-14 - Word Count: 591 Share This!

 With all the negative Publicity that S.pam is Getting, Permission Based E-mail Marketing is frequently too often overlooked as the Misunderstood step Child of Internet Marketing. Unfortunately Many people confuse Permission Based Opt-In E-Mail Marketing with that Ugly 4 Letter S-Word S.Pam.

Permission Based E-Mail Marketing is Sending E-Mails to People who have agreed to receive them. Many Top Internet Marketers go to great lengths to build an Opt-In Mail List. Creating an Opt-In List is fairly easy. If you know the Right Steps

1 - Generate a Lead Capture Page

2 - Drive Traffic to Your Lead Capture Page.

Simple yes Easy No. You could spend Years Building Lead Capture Pages and sending traffic to them and still have a List of only a few thousand at Best. Here are a few more methods you can use to help improve your Lead Capture Efforts

1 - Pop-Up Subscription Box on All of Your Web Pages
2 - A List Sign Box on All of Your Web Page
3 - Going Viral by Creating an E-Book or Free Software that you allow everyone to give out. Of course you would require people to sign up for your list before you give them the freebie.

If you haven't built a large Opt-In E-Mail List or If just want to send some extra E-mail you could 'Borrow' Someone Else's Opt-In List. Here are a 6 Methods to 'Borrow' the Opt-In E-mail lists of Other's

1 Pay a Fee - You can pay someone with a list anywhere from $5 to many Thousands of Dollars to send an E-Mail to their Opt-In E-Mail List

2 Joint venture - This Method is Often used with a Digital Downloadable Product. The Joint Venture Partner would get a Percentage (10% to 75% are very Common) in return for sending an E-mail to their List. The List members would download from a Special Link so that orders could be tracked

3 Barter - A Good Friend of Mine would offer a Free Solo Ad or Solo Mailing in his E-Zine in return for a Digital Product.

4 Ezine Ads - You could run Solo Ads or Solo E-Mails in E-Zines.

5 Submit Articles - When you submit an article they are often picked up by E-Zines and Republished. Your Resource Box is then seen by all the Members of the E-Zine.

6 Paid to Read - This Method works best with Free or Low Cost Products. Do a Google Search on Paid To read and you will find hundreds if not thousands of them. The Members are often Paid anywhere from 1 cent to 5 Cents to read an E-Mail and Click on a Link. As an Advertiser you would pay $5 to $20 Per Thousand clicks.

Now that we know how to borrow someone else's list the next question you may want to ask is Should I borrow someone's list. Let's do a Simple Cost Benefit analysis

A Solo Mailing to an Opt-In List of 100,000 Members costs $100 is it a good deal for you. In order to decide if this is a good value you need to know 2 Numbers, Your Conversion Percentage and your Profit per Sale. If you do not know your conversion Percentage use a real low number like 1/10 of a Percent or 1 in 1,000. So for a Conversion rate of 1/10 of a Percent with 100,000 E-mails you could expect 100 Sales. If your Profit per sale is more then $1 then this is a Good Deal.

If Your profit per sale is less then $1 it still may be a good deal if you can get some of those 100 Buyers to Purchase additional Products Later.

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