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by SUSAN EDWARDS - Date: 2008-07-14 - Word Count: 355 Share This!

Clickerati: The Generation Born After the Mid-90s Who Cannot Imagine Life without the Internet. Back when your parents were in school, they actually had to initiate in-person conversations if they wanted a social life. Of course, that was when they weren't walking two miles to school, in the snow, uphill -- both ways. The computer savvy kids have it so easy these days with their darn social networks! Today social Networks, Wikis and Blogs are changing the informational, social, political, and educational landscapes. Wikipedia has become the information resource of choice. There are more than 160 million users on MySpace. YouTube is hosting 80 million videos and managing 3 million user accounts. Hundreds of millions of people are gathering daily on the Web to explore, express and exchange media projects and ideas through online social networks. A large portion of them are children and youth. Whether it's for keeping in touch with friends or rating professors' classroom performances, there's little students can't find out about in their communities by using such networks. "The internet isn't as dangerous as people think, and teachers should let students use social networks at school." That's the surprising new recommendation from the National School Boards Association - a not-for-profit organization representing 95,000 school board members. When the children and youths are so involved with their internet obligations why aren't the parents thinking of involving their kids in various learning activities which can be integrated with the Internet. an online education portal has taken the lead to bring tutoring online. Empowered by high end technological tools like virtual classroom and whiteboard they provide various fun activities to understand the difficult concepts of mathematics or science. One on one live tutoring, flexible scheduling of classes and quality education makes the option worthy. Creative writing and Vedic mathematics are the supplementary courses which provide a wonderful fun filled summer vacation activity. Name the subject and you find it there. Assignments, projects, Home work blues, is a one stop solution for this. So, bring out the creative in you, explore your horizons and make the most out of your beloved internet.


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