Manapol: Why Should I Use It?

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ManapolÂ(r) Why Should I Use It?

"Upon entry to the cells, mannans can activate the macrophages, enhance cytokine release, stimulate macrophage, T- and B-cell interactions and stimulate bone arrow activity."1

What is ManapolÂ(r)?
ManapolÂ(r) Powder is a stabilized form of Aloe vera L.(barbadensis miller) gel that ontains a similar ratio of acetylated mannans (mostly in the form of mannose), calcium malate, pectins unique to Aloe vera, and other soluble fibers. Within 24 hours of harvesting the Aloe vera L. leaves, ManapolÂ(r) is freeze-dried into a powder utilizing a patented alcoholprecipitation method to lock in nature's freshness and biological activity.

- Certified kosher parve for both growing and manufacturing processes.
- Aloe certified organically grown by ECO-Logica in Costa Rica.

Unlike many related molecules that are broken down within the digestive system and used by the body as fuel, the structure for the acetylated mannans or polysaccharides found in ManapolÂ(r) prevent it from being metabolized until it reaches the cell. Amylase, the only polysaccharide-digesting enzyme that our bodies produce in the digestive tract, can only break down b linkages, not a-linkages. Therefore, your body digests a-linked polysaccharides such as corn starch and potato starch in the intestinal tract; but digestion of b-linked polysaccharides such as cellulose or ManapolÂ(r) occurs at the cellular level in the macrophages. ManapolÂ(r) and other b-linked molecules are absorbed from the digestive tract through an undefined mechanism and are then metabolized intercellularly.2

How does it work?
ManapolÂ(r) contains acetylated mannans primarily in the form of mannose. Mannose as well as other complex carbohydrate polymers have been shown to possess immune modulating activity by binding to macrophage cells via protein receptors.3 Once the mannans are attached to the macrophage receptors, the body's immune system responds as it would if it were being activated naturally by foreign substances.

This results in macrophage production of tumor necrosis factor alpha (TNF-a), interleukin-1 (IL-1), and interleukin-6 (IL-6) as well as other cytokines and oxidants.

Is ManapolÂ(r) safe?
Metabolism of acetic acid (acetate) via the citric acid cycle and of manosevia the hexose pathway are well documented and account for ManapolÂ(r)'s essential lack of toxicity. Macrophages return to normal when the acetylated mannans are metabolized via the hexose-pentose pathway to carbon dioxide and water. In summary, mononuclear cells are capable of absorbing acetylated mannans at very high, yet non-cytotoxic concentrations. If you are taking prescription medications or are under the care of a licensed practitioner, always consult before taking any dietary supplement.

How can ManapolÂ(r) benefit me?
When taken daily, ManapolÂ(r) enhances your immune system. An immune system that is modulated will function properly and may help address conditions associated with a suppressed or over stimulated immune system. When compared to other natural botanicals and extracts, ManapolÂ(r) is the least obtrusive choice for your body.

Immune modulators such as the acetylated mannans found in ManapolÂ(r), work more to "balance" the immune system thus allowing it to function properly.

How much ManapolÂ(r) is right for me?
To maintain a healthy immune system, adults should take a minimum of 160 milligrams of ManapolÂ(r) per day. When responding to a compromised immune system, recommended intake should range between 300 to 2,000 milligrams per day depending on situation.2

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ManapolÂ(r) Powder is a registered trademark of Carrington Laboratories, Inc. and is
protected by U.S. Patents Nos. 4,917,890 and 4,959,214.

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