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With well over two decades of experience in the networking and media fields, Telesoft Technologies is the leading provider of highly professional solutions for a wide range of networks including 2G, 3G, IP and wireless networks. Recently, Telesoft Technologies has proudly announced the launch of its new PCIe telephony card product. The PCIe telephony card from Telesoft Technologies supports up to 2,000 voice connections and is already regarded by some of the largest customers to be the most powerful small form factor PCI telephony card currently available.

The new product is a versatile hardware solution that, when used in conjunction with its ready to use TDPAI protocol software, becomes the ideal choice for a wide number of OEM and VAS applications that are available both in current and in next generation communications networks. One of the main benefits derived from using the new PCIe telephony card that is now being offered by Telesoft Technologies include the three distinct interfaces for E1/T1, Gigabit Ethernet and STM-1/OC-3 on the same board, which results in a drastic increase in density in relation to any of the other products available on the market. A great advantage of the PCIe telephony card is that it can be custom tailored and customized to meet any set of requirements, no matter how strict.

The PCIe telephony card from Telesoft Technologies can support a wide range of applications including IVR, Voicemail, call logging, signaling gateways, media logging, media servers, SMS, USSD and many, many more. A notable fact about the new PCIe telephony card is that, due to it's small half-height half-length size, it can easily be installed on any machine. Also, as opposed to the software solutions incorporated by the competing products, the PCIe telephony card from Telesoft Technologies supports both signalling and media applications on the same card ensuring a lower cost solution than competitor products. The most important features of the new PCIe telephony card include, among others:

- Optical STM-1/OC-3, Gigabit Ethernet and E1/T1 interfaces on the same board;

- Competitive pricing and high standard technical support;

- up to 2,000 voice channels leading to a density that is 8x higher than competing products;

- Powerful TDAPI software framework that allows for fast application integration;

- Combines media and signaling on one board, while all competing products require the use of 2 boards.

Considering its highly competitive pricing and support for a wide array of applications, the PCIe telephony card from Telesoft Technologies is already considered the most effective small form factor PCIe telephony card solution available on the global market today. Companies that are either looking to start new business projects or are simply refreshing their hardware for OEM or VAS applications can take full advantage of the new PCIe telephony card but also from the company's numerous other services including fast response technical support, affordable prices and, of course, the SIGTRAN development licenses, which are all intended to help customers lower the time needed to market their applications thus ultimately increasing their revenue streams.

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