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One of the best phones created by Sony Ericsson, is the G502 phone. Sony has established that phones can act like mp3 players and this idea was so enticing to people that they began making the transition to phones that can act as stand alone mp3 players. Sony, always known for its excellent entertainment and digital, audio technology, enchanted the market with its phones that have excellent music capabilities. The G502 phone plays music with the clarity and excellence of a regular Sony CD player with no strange kind of fuzz or revelation that it is a phone that the sound is coming from. That way, people can take the phone along as though it actually is an mp3 player.

The G502 has a glossy and sleek design that makes it appear high tech and like the most technologically advanced phone out there, with its smooth screen and consistent one-piece feel. With its touch screen capabilities, it will feel just like you are using something that top profile spies and detectives are privy to.

Another Sony Ericsson phone is the C905, one of the most advanced camera phones in all the years and another phone that continues to remain high and mighty on the top charts. This 8 mega pixel camera phone comes with a headset and CyberShot. The camera comes with amazing motion sensors, Xenon flash, and top of the line face detection technology that will allow you to capture excellent high quality photos. The auto-focus allows for unique capture that many other phones on the market simply cannot perform.

Another phone that users rave about, keeping it high on the Sony best-sellers list, is the W995 phone. Including an 8.1 mega pixel camera, 18-bit colors, and a 6.6 cm diagonal size LCD display, it is an excellent phone for taking photos and viewing them. With its Internet browsing capabilities, it is a great phone for viewing videos, documents, and a variety of other things and will have you stunned with its various features. This phone makes it easy to carry your media with you, with the Media Go services, you can enjoy any photos, audio, video that you might have stored on your computer. Load it onto the memory of this phone and enjoy all of your favorite entertainment features wherever you go on a bright and excellent screen.

Another buy you will love is the Sony Ericsson Equinox. Including light features that glow for the phone's various notifications and personalized light effects, this phone has a 3.2 mega pixel camera and can easily be uploaded to places like Facebook or email. The camera includes flash, zoom, photo fix, Geo-tagging, photo feeds, a video recorder, and video calling, all devices to enhance and brighten your photo taking experience. This is great for music lovers as it has an mp3 player, FM radio, and Bluetooth, as well as the ability for you to change your wallpaper themes daily. The mp3 player is equipped with AAC, TrackID, PlayNow, and MegaBass, so you can enjoy a variety of music. The phone has speakerphone, as well, so that you can have conversations while you multi-task. This is a phone designed with the busy and music, media, photography loving individual in mind.

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