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The Internet is full of various types of free things that everybody can have just by clicking a link. Besides being the greatest source of information, the Internet also contains a large number of freebies that can satisfy almost all needs. The free fonts are one category of freebies that can be very helpful when trying to give your text a unique design that will make it attractive and successful. So why spend lots of money on fonts or spend hours online searching for the perfect one when someone has though about you? You can now download any of the 10 000 fonts listed on and use them for free.

But what is a 'font'? The font is a set of glyphs or images which represent the characters from a particular character set in a particular typeface. It contains an alphabet of letters, punctuation marks, numerals, and also symbols. A font can be created only from symbols, for example, mathematical symbols.

The terms 'font' and 'typeface' are considered synonyms, although 'font' had different meanings before the digital typography. The word 'font' originates form the French word 'fonte' which refers to a type produced by casting molten metal at a type foundry, and this term was used for centuries by the English printers to refer to the multi-part metal type used to form a particular typeface.

There are two ways in which a digital font stores the image of each character: either as a bitmap in a bitmap font, or in an outline font, by mathematical description of lines and curves. On computer screens, each pixel can make the difference between legible and illegible characters. Therefore some digital fonts use special algorithms to make the small sized bitmaps readable.

All the fonts are entered into the registry of a system and from there they are connected to the documents that use them. On our site, you can find a huge amount of free fonts that can be downloaded and used without any effort. This free fonts download procedure can help you find the perfect font for your text. You can search through the immense database of free fonts by alphabet, just by clicking on the link corresponding to the letter. The free fonts are also arranged in categories, from comic, to digital, sci-fi and even handwritten types which mimic the handwriting.

If you can't find the font you need by using these two searching methods, you may also try the 'Font Search', where all you need is to enter in a phrase or word into the field and the search engine will automatically search for the font in the database. The site makes the whole process easy allowing you to be creative in other areas of design.

The installation of the free fonts is also extremely simple. You just have to download the font you like, save it on your hard drive and copy it to the location 'C:WindowsFonts'. After this, any text you write will have the perfect aspect you pictured. Other free fonts download sites ask for money and additionally offer free font software, but this website keeps everything uncomplicated and trouble-free. If you need free fonts and don't want to spend time searching or doing one for yourself, this website is perfect for you.

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Today, free sites, especially the free fonts download sites, are some of the most popular on the web because people like to get useful things for free. On our website, 10,000 free fonts wait for you to download and use them, with no cost or effort.

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