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by Anatoly Gilderman1 - Date: 2010-10-13 - Word Count: 324 Share This!

Shoppers are now careful these days. They are more conscious that there are fraud sellers lurking online. They seem to have an internal checklist when it comes to trust. If something isn't included in their list, it sets their alarm bells ringing. It is very important to build trust with your online customers. If a visitor ends up making the decision to buy from your business website, it will always involve establishing your credibility to inspire the prospect's trust. But how could you maintain and establish your credibility online?

For visitors to have confidence in you, an array of strategies can be applied to your site. The more they trust your credibility, the more likely they are to make a purchase. It is best to make them feel assured that they are safe and aren't going to be cheated on, disappointed or robbed.

To establish credibility, make sure that your sales copy is truthful. Be persuasive, but don't exaggerate because that could possibly result to mislead possible buyers. Remember that when what you say is true, it rings true. Next, include details that make your descriptions realistic. Make certain that there's human presence on the site. Contact information, personal photograph, and so on. Become a real person to them, give them verifiable evidence of your expertise and legitimacy. For example, if you have written and published articles on topics related to the product or service, or if you have related credentials, include a reference to them. Or post link to you Facebook or twitter accounts.

In online sales copy, testimonials should come early. If you haven't been collecting testimonials, then start now. Begin by asking for feedback from people who are already your customers

You will boost your credibility and will improve customer's trust by following these strategies. It will increase your sales because no matter how tempting your offer is or how wonderful the benefits of your product, if the prospect doesn't believe you, nothing else matters.

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