Information Products - Your Action Plan

by Alice Seba - Date: 2007-01-20 - Word Count: 265 Share This!

If you've been thinking of writing your own information product, here are a few tips to help you get started.

Your first step should always be market research. You may be excited about your new idea and can't wait to get started, but remember to take the time and do your research before putting the time and energy into a new project.

A good place to start is online forums or other websites related to your target market. See what problems people have and what questions they need answered. If you see other information products out there in your same market chances are there's a need for your product. Don't be afraid of a little competition...if other people are making money selling a similar product that means there's likely an opportunity for you.

Do a search on your product keywords and take a look at the sponsored results. These are the results that usually come up to the right or above the search engine results. If you see ads for information products in your chosen market this means someone is paying to advertise their products, which usually means there is likely a demand.

Look at the results over a few days to see if the same ads keep coming up. If the same advertisers are paying for sponsored listings then they should be making a profit.

You can also poll your subscribers and customers on what they need. What information are they looking for and can't readily find?

Spend some time doing your research so that when you sit down to write you have a clear plan and strategy for success.

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