Can It Be True? Can You Really Use The Internet to Create Money?

by Juanita Bellavance - Date: 2007-01-20 - Word Count: 505 Share This!

Is it hype? Or is it real? Is dramatized and exaggerated? Or can I really use the internet to create money?

Are you asking yourself these questions? When information sounds beyond your expectations of what is possible it can often seem like "hype." Marketers often do this to intensify your interest and belief level so you will take action.

What happens if they don't do this and you don't take action? When you don't take action on what you believe may be true in a marketing piece such as a sales letter or advertisement, two things happen.

1. The seller has to endure a longer wait before money rolls in. If that wait goes on too long, the seller can go out of business simply because the money didn't come fast enough. Not because his product wasn't a fabulous value for people, but because the seller did not cause ACTIONS to take place.

2. You, the buyer miss out on the opportunity to take advantage of the seller's value and apply it to your life in whatever way the seller said you could benefit. Most sellers offer a money back guarantee so there is very little reason for you to hesitate when the information provided clearly makes sense as a solution for you.

Maybe you have tried to use the internet to create money already. Maybe you did what you were told to do but didn't get the results you expected. If so, I recommend that you continue to stay in action and discover what you can do differently that would get you more results.

For example, have you taken steps to build a list and got no results? Ask yourself, "What did you offer people so they would like to leave their information to receive it?"

Or as another example, have you created a list but no one seems to respond to your email messages when you offer something of value for a small price? If so, ask yourself, "What can I offer that I know I would want that would make a difference in the niche area I have presented?"

When you begin to discover what your audience wants from you, they will respond. Think of your marketing as being in a room with people you have invited to your home for a specific reason. Then offering those people various things to do that have to do with the specific reason they are there. Are they there to eat? Offer food most people like and maybe some choices that not so many people like to find out who likes the less popular choice.

Or, offer the idea of having a conversation related to the specific topic, choosing one aspect of the topic and see who participates. This is similar to offering a teleclass on a specific topic. Continue to offer possibilities until you discover what people really want to talk about.

To succeed on the internet or in any other business, remember "It's not about you." Once you start realizing it's all about them, you will definitely succeed. GUARANTEED.

And that is no hype!

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