Driving Hordes of Traffic to your Site

by John Gatens - Date: 2006-11-27 - Word Count: 403 Share This!

Getting enough traffic to your site is the overwhelming problem for anyone new to Internet or Affiliate Marketing. When you consider that you may need 1,000 visitors or more to get one sale, then you begin to imagine the challenge that lies ahead. Why then do most of us fall in to the trap of looking for a quick fix? Despite the claims of some ebooks and software there really is no substitute for patience and hard work to achieve regular, steady income that only comes with capturing the trust and loyalty of your customer.

It is important when starting that we do not spend all our hard earned cash on pay per click advertising, banner impressions or opt in lists. This is the main reason most new businesses fail, because if you start on a shoe string budget your money will disappear fast and so will your confidence, enthusiasm and faith.

Doing things right will take a lot more time, work and patience, but will pay off longer term. When you build your website do not just launch it hoping for the best. Take the time to learn what Search Engines look for in order to rank your site. More importantly, find out what your customers look for. If you can keep customers coming back then you are well on your way.

Enhance your customers experience by giving them fresh new content on a regular basis. Engage them with news or human interest stories, offer free gifts, build your own opt in list by offering free newsletters, updates, courses or special offers. Do your homework with regard to the Search Engines and how they rate your site. They will look for content, meta tags, titles and descriptions, optimization and backlinks from other sites. Research all of these things well in advance of your big launch. You can get all the help you need from companies like Site Pro News. Subscribe to their newsletter for free, and make good use of all the tips and tools provided.

If this all seems rather tedious then just ask yourself where you want to be one year from now. Still receiving the odd $10 payment because you struggle to get enough visitors to you site, or sitting on the first page of the Google Search Engine for your keywords, getting more than enough visitors to keep raking in the cash that has enabled you to retire from your day job!

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