Wedding Reception Favors, Or Not

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Should you elope or have an elaborate family wedding. That is the question! Needless to say, there are pros and cons for both. If you just recently got engaged, then you'll be surprised at how fast the big day will arrive. Soon you will have to start with some initial planning by looking at locations, florists, caterers, right down to choosing wedding reception favors and bridal shower invitations. When you're engaged, you can be blissfully happy and the time will pass by so fast that eventually things will need to be done and they will start to eat away at your ecstasy. After you consider the planning involved, you may even begin to start wondering if it's worth the trouble or not. If this sounds all too familiar, then it's time for you to start weighing the pros and cons of having a family wedding versus eloping. Family weddings are loaded with tradition, as they are considered to be a major event that family and friends will want to celebrate together. Everything from a touching ceremony, to a fun party at the reception, a family wedding is an opportunity for the couple to share their happiness, and they will have the opportunity to bask in the spotlight for a while. The bride on her wedding day is beaming with joy, and will have the opportunity to show off her beautiful self and her loving husband.

Eloping is considered to be a private affair but it, too, has its benefits. The decision to elope is always a very personal one and some couples really enjoy just being alone together. Eloping is a great way to avoid awkward silences and unpleasant disagreements, which might occur at large family weddings. As a rule, couples that are not very close to their family may prefer the eloping route. The traditional family wedding is usually extravagant and can also be quite expensive. Everything from personalized wedding favors, flowers, champagne and beautiful food all cost, and sometimes quite dearly! It's not uncommon for many families to go into debt to create a fairytale wedding, when the money would really be better spent on a new life that the couple wants to build.

The traditional family wedding can not only be expensive for the family members, but relatives and guests, especially the bridesmaids who will have to purchase a dress, and your out-of-town guests will need to purchase plane tickets. From a financial perspective, eloping is considerably less expensive. Couples who choose to elope usually go on their honeymoon and get married then or at a courthouse, which saves a lot of money. Stress can always be a significant factor with a big family wedding, but much of this can be alleviated by hiring a professional wedding planner. This, too, can add to the cost of the wedding, and the expense in itself is stressful. In fact, a lot of brides find themselves completely worn out when their wedding day actually arrives and they can't enjoy their magical day like they would like to. Everything from ideas for wedding favors to who is going to pick up Aunt Mary from the airport all adds to the stress level. The family wedding is a beautiful occasion that everyone will remember for years. Please remember that proper planning, and the right decisions will cause fewer financial problems and stress-related bickering. If you are fortunate enough to have an abundance of financial resources for a large family wedding, then by all means make this a priority. People who have neither the time nor money may consider eloping as their best choice. After all, if you decide to elope you're still going to have those cherished memories and you can always celebrate with your friends and family in a more casual setting at a later date.

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